Panthers 20 Giants 10: Inside the Numbers

It's hump day and usually the last day we discuss the previous games results before turning our attention to the upcoming match-up. So here is one last look at the stats from last Saturday's preseason win over the Giants. Though preseason game stats mean nothing in the grand scheme of winning in the regular season it can certainly provide indicators of future performance. We saw that last year when the poor preseason offensive showing carried over into the regular season. Let's see if we can identify some numbers that might carry over into the season.

Let's start with some numbers for the offense:

  • RB DeAngelo Williams averaged 5.8 yards per carry on four carries. These four carries were vintage Williams: -2, 0, 5 & 20 yards. You think you have him under control and BAM he pops a long one. Williams is ready for the season no doubt.
  • The Panthers averaged 4.1 yards per rush (25 carries for 102 yards). Not a great total or eye popping average but I think 25 carries is around the total amount we will see per game
  • Overall the Panthers QBs held a 90 QB rating. Newton had a 66, Clausen a 90 and Derek Anderson a whopping 156. I don't know about you but after last season I would take a 90 QB rating for the entire season
  • The Panthers passed for a total of 274 yards while completing 50% of their passes. I would hope the average would be higher but I'll take an average completion to 18 yards all season long too. this stat really shows the Panthers emphasis on throwing down field. The Panthers had 4 receptions of 30 yards or more...sweet!
  • Not so sweet: 4 sacks for 34 yards lost. That has to improve.
  • More ugliness: 1 for 13 in 3rd down efficiency. This is what killed us last year. We could not extend our drives.
  • Red zone efficiency: 1/2 50% meh...would like it higher but at least we scored

I've got defense and special teams stats... after the jump...

Some useful defensive stats:

  • Yielded only 3.2 yards per carry for a total of 81 yards. I can't say enough of how good the defensive line played against the Giants and a potent rushing attack. 
  • The pass defense gave up 22 receptions for 232 yards; a 10 yd per reception average. Not eye-popping but pretty good for a young secondary. When the defense give up a reception the Panthers were quick to pounce and keep the YAC to a minimum.
  • 3rd down efficiency: 3 for 16 (19%) Very happy with this number and hope it continues
  • Overall QB rating of 78. The defense did a good job of keeping pressure on the Giants QBs though they only recorded two sacks
  • LB Thomas Williams had a very nice stat line: 7 tackles, a sack, a TFL & a QH and one tackle on special teams. This kid is working to make the roster
  • 7 passes defensed: 3 by Burney, 2 by McClain and one each from Stanford and Duhart. Nice to see the guys on the bubble making plays. If I had to pick one UDFA to make this team Burney is it. He may not have impressed at the combine but he has impressed at every other opportunity. 
  • The best stat is this: 3. As in yielding only 3 points. Let's see some more of that.

Special Teams stats to make you happy:

  • WR/PR Armanti Edwards averaged 16 yards on 3 punt returns with a long of 24 yards. The kid was electric on the field and looks prime to reward GM Marty Hurney for reaching for him on draft day last year.
  • Conversely the punt coverage was awesome too. They only yielded 5.4 yards on average on 7 returns. TE Gary Barnidge (Barny) had 2 special teams tackles, one I remember where he tackled the guy as soon as he got the ball. I should have given Barny a shout out in my Sunday night post for having a good game, because he did and not just on special teams. I should mention LB Jordan Senn had 2 ST tackles as well.
  • K Olino Mare hit both of his FGs and had 2 touch backs. That's impressive for the Panthers only because both stats came from the same leg.
  • LB Sean Ware blocked a FG for the Panthers, the first block I can remember since Greg Hardy got one early last season. 

If I were to grade the Panthers three phase of the game I would apply the following:

  • Offense: B
  • Defense: A
  • Special teams: A
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