5 Panthers Training Camp Story Lines

Eric Boynton with Go Upstate has a pretty good list of 5 story lines for the just started Panthers training camp. I'm going to play off of that theme. I certainly agree Cam Newton (#1) and Armanti Edwards (#4) will receive a lot of scrutiny. But if I had to supplement Boynton's list I would add the following:

  • Regarding #5, DE Charles Johnson will be worth the money; I'm more curious to see who wins the battle to start opposite him. With DE Tyler Brayton just getting cut it looks like Everette Brown wins the job by default for now since Greg Hardy is out for two weeks after a motorcycle wreck. But I expect Hardy to give him a run for the money when he returns.
  • While I agree LB Thomas Davis' knee (#2) will be watched closely I'm more curious to see how Sean McDermott uses his LB's and also whether Dan Conner somehow gets in the line up. Given the money they just gave to Beason, Davis and SLB James Anderson those three must be the starters. Also, what if Davis is held out early, who starts at WLB? We know moving Beason over there is not the thing to do. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dan Conner get traded at some point during the preseason.

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  • I think the #2 WR concern might be moot with the addition of TE Greg Olsen. He's very capable of putting up #2WR numbers. There won't be as much pressure on David Gettis or Brandon LaFell to produce this year (though we'll take it). By the way, do we still need TE Jeremy Shockey?
  • A story line I will add is the health of RT Jeff Otah. Getting a healthy Otah back in the line up will do wonders for the Panthers power running game. If Schwartz line up at RG we've got serious beef on the right side. 

Here's a picture of Otah in his prime:


via www.mericle.com


  • Another big question is who will start opposite Chris Gamble at CB. Since we seem to be loading up on safeties it makes me wonder if a position change is in the cards for either Charles Godfrey or Sherrod Martin. Just speculation mind you that is probably wornd given we retained Ron Meeks to coach the secondary. He's the guy that moved Martin from CB to FS so it would unlikely to see him move him back. Otherwise it would seem to be Captain Munnerlyn's position to lose. 

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