Power Ranking the NFL after free agent frenzy







I know that there are still plenty high profile free agents who havent said anything about where they want to end up, but i think we're far along enough to have an idea of how eachs teams season will pan out. This power ranking is assuming that kevin kolb is on the cardinals by the way, and orton is on the Dolphins.

1.Steelers-i don't like this team, but its really hard to not realize that their the best team in the NFL, again


2.Packers-Its amazing what having a great QB can do for you, and remember they didn't have their top RB most of last season


3.Patriots-I know EVERYONE on this forum probably hates them as much as I do, but their yearly contenders

4.Jets-already one of the most talented teams in the NFL, if they get asomugha, they will probably be the most talented

5.Eagles-this might be a reach, but the eagles are insanely talented offensively, and have a solid defense

6.Falcons-This one isn't gonna get me a lot of fans here

7.Colts-The colts are the colts, always injury prone, always one dimensional, but its hard to lose with Peyton Manning as your signal caller.

8.Ravens-With all the players their losing this offseason, i really didnt want to put them too high. But, the Ravens still always manage to do pretty well with Flacco there.

9.Vikings-Probably my biggest reach by far, the vikings became ridiculously better just by getting donovan. They still need to find an answer for the WR position, but with AP and a solid defense, they should be in playoff contention.

10.Dolphins-Another reach, but i think they've answered their only real issue, and they are a wildcard team imo.

11.Bears-This might be the year for the bears. They have a good running game, a good defense, and their offensive line should be better. They havent really lost anyone important, so if jay cutler can tap into his potential, their a very dangerous team.

12.Saints-Personally, i dont think the saints are going to make the playoffs. But from a logical non-biased perspective, their still a good team, although they have no running game.

13.Tampa Bay-I dont think these guys will make the playoffs either, but my logical side says that their better than the rest of the teams i havent listed yet.

14.Chiefs-Really promising team, interested in whether cassel will ever become a good QB.

15.Carolina Panthers-You might be thinking "wow, this dude has just lost all credibility." OR, if you think like me, your thinking HEEEEECK YESSS We're gonna dominate fools next season! Better buy tickets for the playoffs, cause we're gonna be there! We have a very solid defense, especially if we can get a good CB, and a good running game, with good receivers. All we need is cam newton or jimmy clausen to complete some easy passes, and we're good! I'm convinced that one of our two young QB's will be very good.

16.Texans-Upgraded on defense. still good on offense, this is a team with tons of potential, if they can learn how to win.

17.Lions-This is another potential playoff sleeper. They have a good running game, good recievers, good young QB (if he doesnt get injured), and a pretty solid defense.

18.Cardinals-With a upgrade at QB, these dudes are goin to the playoffs (if not because of their talent, because they are in the most abysmal division in all of sports)

19.Cowboys-Not a fan, but their lookin up with a new sane coach and a lot of talent, besides their lack of running game.

20.Chargers-Im tired of people saying that the chargers are still a super bowl contendor. Their time has passed, now they need to find upgrades at a number of positions. The only reason their still decent is cause of rivers.

21.Jaguars-This team probably has the NFL record for the most seasons spent average. Thats what they will be again. Average offense, average defense, average coaching. Only way i see these guys being really good is if Blaine starts for whatever reason, and goes into peyton manning mode.

22.Rams-Their gettin there, might be a playoff team if they can get past the cards

23.Giants-Every offseason they lose one more player, slowly declining from their super bowl days. And the worst thing is it seems like their content with this.

24.Broncos-Lets see what foxy does with these guys!

25.Raiders-I might have put these guys in a little late, but their QB situation is too bad for me to give them more credit..

26.49'ers-If they could find a solid QB. they would be pretty good. But thats not happening it looks like..

27.Seahawks-If one of their QB's turns out to be good, they might have a shot at the playoffs again.

28.Browns-The rest of these picks could be put in any order honestly, these teams arent goin anywhere.

29.Bengals-Respect to anyone who has been a fan of this team for a long time.

30.Titans-If it weren't for their running game, i would have these guys last.

31.Redskins-Do they have a QB on their roster still? These guys might be the first team to ever play an entire season in the wild cat.

32.Bills-I might have put them too low, but seriously, will these guys ever make the playoffs? I wouldn't be surprised if i suddenly woke up in 2050, turned on a TV, and the first thing i saw was ESPN with a headline on the screen saying "Bills-2-16(18 game season is coming soon), haven't made playoffs in 50 years."


Whew, that wasted a good hour of my day lol. Please post your opinions on what the nfl looks like now after an insane 3 days of free agency!

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