The Carolina Panthers are a very young team, which has both its pros and cons. We have a great, young wide receiving core whose quarterback situation limited their productivity. I still have faith in Clausen, and with a little more coaching and experience, he could be the panthers starter for many years. For all his critics though who claim we need more and more quarterbacks, Carolina drafted their third Q.B. in two years with the first pick. So, what now? I dont want Cam to perform poorly, but what if? Do we repeat last year? NO!!!!!! If any one reading this post has been a Panthers fan long knows that Carolina can and have made complete transformations from season to season. In 2001, the Panthers went 1-15, next season the team finished the 2002 season 7-9, and in 2003 Carolina was in Reliant Stadium playing in Super Bowl XXXVIII. 

Here are my 5 UDFA's for Carolina:

QB Pat Devlin Delaware

Ok, so we got alot of quarterbacks, but as of now we don't know who will be our starter. Devlin had an outstanding college career who was thought to be one of the top rated quarterbacks of the draft. Devlin had a passer rating of 107.5 throwing for 22 TD's and only 3 int's in his senior year. Now before anyone starts crying about small school or weak schedule, lets look at the 2008 NFL draft, pick 18 Joe Flacco of the Ravens. During Flacco's senior year in college, he had a 99.8 passer rating throwing 23 TD's and 5 int's. Flacco had a 63.5% completion rating and Devlin had a 68% completion rating. The stats don't lie folks, we have a undrafted player who could potentially be a very successful NFL player like Joe Flacco. I believe that Marty Hurney needs to take a chance and pick him up. Look at it this way, on one hand we could get a playoff game winning qb, and if he is no good, well, its not like we wasted a draft pick.

LB Mark Herzlich Boston College

If you watched any NFL Draft coverage you know Mark Herzlich is. In 2009 he was a top prospect in the 2009 Draft, but  he decided to stay in college. Obviously he has a health concern, but  OL Marcus Cannon, drafted by the Patriots, had just developed cancer when he was drafted! Herzlich has beaten cancer and played in his final season at B.C. Maybe no one believed he was well enough to spend a draft pick, but his stats show he is definitely worth a spot on the Panthers to make it through pre-season cuts.In college after a year out of practices and work outs, Herzlich managed 50 tackles, 4 interceptions and 2 forced fumbles, but in 2008 however, Herzlich posted 81 tackles, 2 sacks and 6 interceptions as well as another 2 forced fumbles. Lets take into account the top rated linebacker of the 2009 NFL Draft, Aaron Curry only managed 6 interceptions in his entire four year career at Wake Forrest.

S Deandre McDaniel Clemson

 How did he go undrafted? McDaniel was rated as one of the top SS of the draft. He was tied for 3rd for interceptions in 2009 and was the only player that year to have at least 8 interceptions and 100 tackles.He might not be amazing, but he is solid. Carolina may have good safeties now, but who has complained about an upgrade? The SEC is called the most NFL ready and the toughest division of the NCAA. For a player to put up stats in this division he's got to be good, and as a USC Gamecock fan myself, I know how devastating our rival's star safety can be. 

RB Mario Fannin Auburn

This guy may not have enough carries to be considered a draft pick, but he has potential to at least be a great change of pace back. Fannin only had 1366 yards in his career at Auburn, but look who he competed with, he had to share carries with Cam Newton. Fannin's career yard per carry average is 10.2 at an SEC school, Deangelo's is a 10.3 in the Conference USA. I'm not saying this to discredit #34 at but I am trying to show how much potential Fannin has, and since Deangelo is a free agent after the lockout ends, Fannin's 4.37 forty yard time would be an asset to the Carolina's slash and dash run game if we lose Williams. 

OG Zach Hurd Connecticut 

I guess it was just a bad year for the draft. Zach Hurd was ranked number 8 at the offensive guard position by CBS sports. 6''7' and 317 lbs could definitely hold blocks on our line. The Panthers had a tough job on the line last year, and this guy would bolster our depth, and after a not so great performance this year he could possibly take Travelle Wharton's job at left guard. I like this pick up. He helped block for Jordan Todman and his 1,695 yard season, which was the second highest in school history. Hurd set the record for starts in a career at Connecticut with 52. He's worth a shot at in free agency, he deserves a chance to play ball in Charlotte. The O-line is arguably the key to a great offense, what could more depth hurt? Pass protection makes quarterbacks great and solid blocking really adds to the run game. 

Well, thats all I've got for today, send some feedback my way on what you think. Sorry I couldn't figure out how not to copyright infringe so I didn't post any pictures. This is my first post.  I trust the administration of the Panthers will do a good job, and these are just a few of my suggestions. Marty Hurney, we're looking at you!!!

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