Are the owners trying to pull a fast one, or is this all a bad game of telephone?

We've heard a lot of bad cliches this negotiation process, and the latest special seems to be saying that things get tense in the final moments of an agreement, yadda... yadda... yadda.

There seems to be a spate of angry players taking to Twitter to voice their disgust that seems to have originally started with an e-mail DeMaurice Smith sent to players tonight (courtesy of Joel Thorman of SBNation):


As you know the Owners have ratified their proposal to settle our differences. It is my understanding that they are forwarding it to us.

As you may have heard, they apparently approved a supplemental revenue sharing proposal. Obviously, we have not been a part of those discussions.

As you know from yesterday, issues that need to be collectively bargained remain open, other issues such as workers compensation, economic issues and end of deal terms remain unresolved.

There is no agreement between the NFL and the Players at this time. I look forward to our call tonight."

Naturally, the statement raised in the second paragraph sent players into a tizzy and immediately it was pronounced by many that the owners were 'trying to screw the players in the 11th hr'. Obviously, if true, this represents a severe lack of negotiating in good faith on the part of the owners. After the jump we'll see what some Carolina Panthers players were saying.

What we do know is that the NFLPA chose not to put the proposal to vote tonight, which is fair enough so their lawyers can have ample time to read through the document before signing.

Jordan Senn

Sure it looks all proper, but something tells me its just a little too neat and organized to be the truth.

The deceit is never ending with these guys... Shame on them is right @TD58SDTM (Thomas Davis)

FYI Don't believe a what's heard on the news... It's not a done deal. The owners want to put some pressure on us by making a nice and neat little schedule for how things will go, before an agreement has even been reached. Patience is the name of the game.


Thomas Davis

SMH @NFL owners shame on you. Stop trying to fool the fans. We know better. SMH


Garry Williams

It's a set up

I wish they would shut up


Thankfully these were the only three who commented, and here's why I say 'thankfully'. If Senn, Davis and Williams have seen the CBA as proposed by the NFL, then fine, my mistake. However, everything that I have read indicates that right now the NFLPA are only scratching the surface of the document. All they have said is that they're not putting it to a vote tonight. Knee-jerk reactions to the players immediately assuming 'it's a set up' reeks of too much Tony Soprano and not enough Vince Lombardi.

Now, I could be completely wrong- maybe the owners are trying for a last minute land grab, but to do so would be hubris of the highest order. I'm pretty sure both sides knew they would be going over this with a fine tooth comb, so why jeopardize everything now for more money? 

I hate to say it again, but time will tell. That being said, these quick tweet, he-said-she-said bullshit responses on twitter need to stay on a school yard. 

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