What kind of haircut is this? What the devil?

My name is Revshawn and I have been a fan of sports ever since the Panthers made the Super Bowl in 2004. I am a passionate Clemson fan and an even more ravid Panther one. Throughout my days, I am consistently going over games from last year and checking up on other sports, studying up on my football knowledge and statistics. But through everything I’ve seen and everything I’ve done, nothing compares to this.

Search your memories my brothers and remember the 2010 NFL preseason. Remember the ugly haircut of that certain star out of the University of Florida, Tim Tebow. Everyone thought that his haircut made him look like Friar Tuck and that he must have went on some sort of spiritual search for Christ during the offseason or something. For those that don’t remember, here is a picture of it.



That is some ugly stuff.

But casually browsing Rotoworld this world, I have finally found something that could top it. The latest picture of Bengal's Cedric Benson is hideous. Literally disgusting. It looks like he wove a firecracker under his dreadlocks and let it go off. It’s that bad.


Please man. You’re a good running back and that is to be respected in the NFL. But there is no way that you can go around representing your team like that. You’ve got to get yourself fixed up. It looks like you were going for the samurai bun look and then you were attacked by a master of disaster.

Seriously is this some kind of joke? No man can go into public looking like that. It might be kind of elaborate prank with the Rotoworld guys. Maybe someone has gotten bored and had fun with photoshop or something. Maybe it looks a little better when you view the cut from the side or something. But goodness my first impression upon seeing this picture was to raise my eyebrows and loudly cry foul. This kind of stuff should be illegal.

This is what happens when you are in an NFL lockout. You start freaking out about people's hair. The end has to be pretty near now. I can see the bright light. Wait for me Bessie, I'm coming home!

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