My Own Panthers To-Do list


My own Panthers To-do list


Resolve the Steve Smith situation – Like all panther fans, I love Smitty and hope he retires a Panther one day.  However, if he wants out, I think we should grant him that.  The comments he made this past week makes me think that it won’t take much to bring him back.  He likes the moves so far (hiring RR and drafting Cam).  I think another move we should make is bringing in a veteran WR.  My first preference would be to sign OchoCinco if he is released.  I would not trade for him though.  If OchoCinco is not released, I think Carolina is a good landing spot for Plax.  Plax is a super-bowl winning WR that will be very motivated to make it in this league.  Sign him to a 1-2 year contract similar to Vicks. 

Resign D-Will, C.Johnson, T.Davis, J.Anderson – Like I have said in the past, we need to keep our own pro-bowl caliber talent.  I know Stewart is capable of being a top-10 back, but he has missed a lot of time due to injury.  Why not keep D-will and virtually guarantee having one of the best running attacks in the league?  The only way I would let D.Will walk would be if we actually received compensation.

Get Terrell Pryor in the Supplemental Draft – No doubt Pryor is a Dumba**.  However, he is an freakishly athletic one.  He would be the perfect backup QB for Cam because they have similar skill sets.  When I see TP play, he reminds me exactly of Vince Young.  Look at the impact VY had his first year (before he went bonkers).  I would offer a 5th-6th round at best for him.  Low risk, high reward. 

Trade Jimmy Clausen/4th round for Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth – If we get TP, Jimmy Clausen is expendable.  From what I hear, Kyle Shanahan is a control freak that would even control how many hikes were taken before the snap and how many hitches made during progression.  I can understand why this would bother DM.  I think if you respect DM as a veteran qb, he can be successful in Carolina and a good teacher to Cam and TP.  Haynesworth can still be a successful DT in a 4-3.  No doubt that Rivera will be able to control him if he gets out of hand.  I think this is another low-risk, high reward deal.

Get a Shutdown CB – I say we go after Jonathon Joseph in FA.   He is a great corner that can allow us to do a lot of different blitzes on defense.

Hit the UDFA market hard - TE Weslye Saunders, CB Kendric Burney, S DeAndre Daniels, RB Noel Devine, DT Martin Parker, PK Josh Jasper.  All these guys will provide good depth.  Noel Divine will be a steal.

Depth Chart


Donovan McNabb

Cam Newton

Terrelle Pryor

Tony Pike


Running Back

DeAngelo Williams

Jonathan Stewart

Mike Goodson

Noel Devine

Full Back

Tony Fiammetta

Tyrell Sutton

Wide Receiver

Steve Smith

Chad Ochocinco or Plaxico Burress

Brandon LaFell

David Gettis

Kealoha Pilares

Armanti Edwards

Left Tackle

Jordan Gross

Lee Ziemba

Left Guard

Travelle Wharton

Mackenzy Bernadeau


Ryan Kalil

Chris Morris

Right Guard

Geoff Schwartz

Duke Robinson

Zack Williams

Right Tackle

Jeff Otah

Gary Willlams

 Tight End

Jeremy Shockey

Gary Barnadge

Daunte Rosario

Weslye Saunders

Right End

Charles Johnson

Everette Brown

Left End

Greg Hardy

Eric Norwood

Defensive Tackle

Albert Haynesworth

Terrell Mclain-R

Derek Landri

Sione Fua – R

Nick Hayden

Martin Parker

Middle Linebacker

Jon Beason

Dan Conner

Outside Linebackers

Thomas Davis – WS

James Anderson – SS

Thomas Williams

Jordan Senn

Lawrence Wilson

Nic Harris


Jonathon Joseph

Chris Gamble

Captain Munnerlyn

Brandon Hogan

CJ Wilson

Kendric Burney

Strong Safety

Sherrod Martin

DeAndre Daniels

Free Safety

Charles Geodfrey

Jordan Pugh


John Kasay

Josh Jasper


Jason Baker

Long Snapper

JJ Jansen

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