Panthers Fiammetta Proclaims He is 100% Healed and Ready

Panther FB Tony Fiammetta gave a nice interview to his hometown paper while attending a youth camp through his high school alma mater. He first and foremost confirmed he is not only 100% healthy from an ankle injury that ended his 2010 season but is also in the best shape of his life:

"I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life right now. So I think I'm one of those guys that have taken advantage of the time. I just hope everybody on my team has done the same."

Interesting that he hopes the rest of the team has spent their time as he has...that says to me he's not shy about being honest about his work ethic. Fiammetta was one of many Panther participants in the recent POTA's so of course he was asked to weigh in on rookie QB Cam Newton:

"Being the top draft pick in the draft, he's a great athlete. He's got a lot of potential," Fiammetta said. "So we just want to get started because it's important for those young guys to get going and be able to use that talent that they have."

Everyone seems agree Newton is impressive athletically in person. Fiammetta has a few more note-worthy comments... after the jump...

When I say 'note worthy' please know its as compared to the other spotty news we are sifting through in this lock out environment.

Fiammetta did get to meet  Ron Rivera and had a few nondescript sentences about his new boss:

"I've met him on two occasions and he seems like a really good guy," Fiammetta said. "Obviously because of the lockout we haven't been able to talk to coaches, so football-wise I haven't been able to talk to him about schemes and stuff like that. But he seems like a good man and, obviously, I'm 100 percent behind him."

So for the first time in a year we have a team that is 100% confident in the coaching as far as stability and knowing everyone is starting at ground zero. Playing time will be earned and Fiammetta has to know the starting job won't be handed to him.

The last comment to discuss echoes what most have said about the offensive game plan:

"It's going to be a very attacking style offense, a lot of vertical threats and a strong run game, obviously, because we've got good backs," Fiammetta said. "Whatever they throw at me, I'm going to do my best."

Notice he said 'throw at me'...a little subterfuge maybe? Probably not but I would like to see Tony catch a few swing passes to see what we have. I'm ready to see this kid progress.

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