Jon Dove Weighs in on Panther Draft War Room

You might remember back a week before the draft on April 19th we had Mocking the Draft Editor Jon Dove on Cat Scratch Radio (Episode 9). I found Jon's answers to our probing questions to be straight forward and well-based. He was to the point and came across as unbiased in a sense. Well Jon has started a series draft war rooms and has posted on the Panthers. I'll be curious to hear what you think of these certain passages:

Regarding the offense under new OC Rob Chudzinski:

Chudzinski was with Head Coach Ron Rivera last season in San Diego and is expected to bring a similar offensive attack.  He is well respected around the league and only added more knowledge by working with the offensive guru Norv Turner.  Expect to see the tight end heavily featured as Chudzinski coached several All Americans at Miami including Kellen Winslow Jr. and Greg Olsen.  However, don't expect this team to abandon the running attack which has been an important part of the teams success.

Though we won't abandon the running game we can expect more drop backs from this offense. Whether Newton decides to actually throw it or turn up field will be something we watch for from the start. But yes, the Panthers offense must make teams fear the running game yet again.

We'll look at more of Jon's comments about the defense and draft summary...after the jump...

Though improving the offense is the #1 priority, this part of our new coaching staff excites me the most:

Defensive Scheme: This is going to be a very aggressive defensive unit that will be run by Sean McDermott and Ron Rivera.  Both coaches love to bring pressure and confuse the offense.  Rivera has experience with both the 3-4 and 4-3 defensive alignments so expect to see a little of both incorporated into the attack.  However, the base will likely be a 4-3 utilizing the principles of former Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson.

We are going to see pressure like we have not seen since Dom Capers roamed the sideline and Sam Mills manned the middle. We've got two cerebral defensive coaches that will take pleasure in confusing the offense, creating opportunities to make plays. One thing McDermott and Rivera will realize quickly is they have a very quick group. Give them a coach that can make the right calls for the offensive play and you have a top 10 defense.

Here's the part I expect some disagreement from CSR readership:

It is difficult to judge the past drafts because of the leadership changes but the recent draft day trades have not helped this team.  The moves to select Everette Brown and Armanti Edwards stripped the team of future picks and playmakers.  Going forward I expect Ron Rivera and the coaching staff to have a major say on the draft day decisions.  However, it all comes back to Newton and his future success.

I have no problem with the first sentence, both Brown and Edwards have yet to prove they were worth what was given I thinks its too early to say they are not or could not develop into play makers yet. The trades did strip us of future draft picks that now seem like gross over payment for what has been realized to date. Edwards will have a hard time justifying that #33 draft pick for many fans who benefit from hindsight. Yet the guy could be a weapon this year just the same and make that price seem fair.

Jon is correct to say Rivera will have his influence over future drafts; he obviously affected this one starting with Newton at #1 followed by the two DTs directly following. Hurney has never appeared as a heavy handed GM though John Fox has tried to distance himself from those referenced draft day trades. I do think the initial working relationship between Hurney and Rivera was simply Rivera telling Hurney what type of players he needed and Hurney went out and scouted for those needs.

Overall I think Jon hits on some key points and showed he did his homework on the Panthers for the piece. Thoughts?

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