Panthers Fans Agree: Michael Silver is a Clown!

Actually let me clarify...ASSCLOWN!

The nerve of some people, especially our esteemed main stream media like Yahoo Sports' Michael Silver. He comes out of left field yesterday blasting Panthers OT Jordan Gross and the other Panther players for holding a closed-to-the- media practice:

And against all logic, I’m going to deliver it without the benefit of police protection:

You guys are acting like morons – and wimps.

Yep, I said it, and I’m prepared to own it, because it’s my job to enunciate opinions and accept the consequences. Then again, I’m actually being paid for my endeavors, unlike Panthers workout organizer Jordan Gross(notes) and his locked-out teammates, who nonetheless behaved as though the flow of information from day one of their faux minicamp was as privileged as their condescending owner, Jerry Richardson.

Where do I start? Let's start with the obvious logic that is escaping the moronic Mr. Silver. The Panthers had 50 players in attendance! Not 15 or 20 like most teams...50! I venture that might be because Gross made the sessions closed so the players would not have to deal with the moronic hounding and dumb ass questions from guys like Silver. I hope Gross actually tells the security guard to let Mr. Silver in if he should actually show up (which I doubt he did or will) so he can call Jon Beason a wimp to his face. I'm sure he'll get the flow of information he is so desperate the form a bitch slap!

That's right, I said it. Mr. Silver's comments were moronic at best; outright arrogant and condescending at the worst. Yes, he who calls our owner, I guy he's knows nothing about condescending. I imagine it's from JRs encounter with Drew Brees, who was trying to talk about things in which he knew nothing about. Hey Silver, how many employees have the Panthers laid off or furloughed during the lock out? ZERO! How many other teams can say that? You have no clue I'm sure. Can you find a single employee for the Panthers that has anything but good things to say about JR? Would you even try to write something fair and balanced about the Panthers?

More after the jump...

So why do Panther players owe you anything? Because you get paid to give your opinion no matter how moronic it is? Yahoo could certainly find something better to do with the money they are paying you.

Let's go through his justification for his diatribe shall we?

First, you’re missing an opportunity to cast yourselves in a positive light during a time of tumultuous discord that threatens to get worse as the scheduled start of the 2011 season nears.

The whole point of the workouts was and remains to promote team cohesion. I think they have already cast themselves in a very positive light with the countless charity events they have been participating in in this offseason. Events for which again, they don't get paid! Besides, the Panther players could have rolled out the red carpet for you and only you and you would still have nothing but negativity to report.

But because the media was not allowed to watch apparently that means the event did not happen:

Nothing screams "We just want to play football" like 50 non-compensated, uninsured and banished employees getting together to hone their collective craft and prepare for a season that their bosses are prepared to deny them. That’s something even the knee-jerk, pro-management apologists have to concede is a powerful public-relations pitch on the players’ behalf.

It still screams that message whether you were there to witness it or not Mr. Silver. But the arrogance continues to flow:

Being sequestered from the masses, after all, can be quite intoxicating. There are plenty of people on NFL rosters accustomed to life in the VIP room, and stationing a cop outside your wannabe OTAs is simply another means of copping an elitist attitude.

He calls them arrogant and elitist? But now he gets down to brass tacks, finally:

If I sound angry, I am – not because I have a desperate desire to see the Panthers parade around in shorts in June, but because I think they’re fools for not enthusiastically welcoming anyone in my business who wants to watch. Access is something I take very, very seriously, and when people deny it for no apparent reason, I tend to be a lot less receptive when they or their agents inevitably hit me up for coverage down the road.

Hit you up for coverage down the road? Couldn't they just call you right now if they wanted said coverage? Basically Silver is just pissed he did not get the access he is accustomed to, access that is granted by the teams...not the players!

I demand access because, in most cases, you, the fan, seeks information. From what I can tell, many of you have a ravenous appetite for stories and rumors surrounding your favorite NFL teams and players, even in the middle of the offseason. Would you be cool with subsisting on team-issued press releases and players’ Twitter feeds?

Actually he's pissed because rather than simply transcribing an interview with a player he might actually have to put some original thought to print or worse...he might have to do some research!

Please Mr. Silver don't justify your little tantrum and Panther hate on some misguided notion that we hang on your reporting. I agree I was disappointed they closed the sessions but only momentarily because I immediately understood why they were doing it. I was just happy to hear they were getting together and they had such a good turnout. Plus, they have already said they will open the final session you can ask them then why they didn't let you in sooner. But I imagine your little tantrum has already answered that question.

By the way Panther fans, I got the title for this post after trying to find some info on Mr. Silver's background and couldn't help but chuckled at the Google results:
So even the wiki agrees!

Hat tip to Chatoka for being the first to post this link as a fanpost
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