An Early Swing at the Panthers' 2012 Madden Ratings

Hello fellow Panther and NFL fans. We are rapidly approaching the much anticipated release of the Madden ratings (and the game too, I suppose). Well, actually that may be a month or two down the road still, but as we sit here with no OTAs or free agency to talk about, I thought it would be an interesting topic to cover.

I'll keep it simple:  I'm going to list each position one by one. Then I'll put in each player at that position, and then give them an overall rating. To add some sizzle (okay, so its not that exciting), I'll put their best three attribute ratings below their overall rating.

The players will be entered in as if we are putting together a depth chart. If a player is not on the list, then assume that they did not make the final 53-man roster (based solely on my opinion, obviously). I will not try to add potential free agents we haven't signed yet, as realistically, most or all of them will probably be signed elsewhere.

If you see a player (i.e. Matt Moore) on the roster, and you don't agree that they will be on the team, and you comment about how stupid it is to include that player, then you didn't read my half-baked disclaimer about how its just my shame on you.

Will I be way off on a bunch of them? Yes. Will my Panther homerism permeate its pungent aroma throughout the article? Absolutely Yes.

Nonetheless, let's check out my projected overall ratings for your Carolina Panthers after the jump.

NOTE: Kickers and Long-snappers are not on the list. Sorry John, Jason and JJ.



Cam Newton

Overall:  78

Best three: Throwing Power: 93, Carrying: 89, Acceleration: 88

Matt Moore

Overall:  71

Best three:  Short Accuracy: 82, Deep Accuracy: 76, Awareness: 76

Jimmy Clausen

Overall:  68

Best three:  Short Accuracy: 84, Medium Accuracy: 79, Play-Action: 77


Running Back:

DeAngelo Williams

Overall:  88

Best three:  Elusiveness: 94, Agility: 93, Carrying: 93

Jonathan Stewart

Overall:  84

Best three:  Trucking: 92, Acceleration: 92, Agility: 90

Mike Goodson

Overall:  74

Best three:  Speed: 96, Acceleration: 95, Agility, 95

Tyrell Sutton

Overall:  68

Best three:  Speed: 90, Agility, 88, Acceleration: 88


Full Back

Tony Fiametta

Overall:  79

Best three:  Impact Blocking: 86, Run Blocking: 83, Acceleration: 82


Wide Receiver

Steve Smith

Overall:  90

Best three:  Acceleration: 94, Agility: 94, Speed: 93

David Gettis

Overall:  77

Best three:  Speed: 91, Acceleration: 89, Agility: 88

Brandon Lafell

Overall:  73

Best three:  Acceleration: 89, Agility: 89, Speed: 87

Armanti Edwards

Overall:  67

Best three:  Speed: 94, Agility: 93, Throwing Power: 89 (You see what I did there?)

Kealoha Pilares

Overall:  66

Best three:  Agility: 93, Acceleration: 90, Elusiveness: 90

NOTE: Wallace Wright, David Clowney and Trent Guy will probably not make it into the game, but one or more of them may actually be on the real-life roster. Madden is notorious for this, but to their credit, they do release the game before cuts are made...Roster updates are crucial.


Tight End

Jeremy Shockey

Overall: 81

Best three:  Catch: 88, Catch in Traffic: 88, Awareness: 86

Jeff King

Overall:  77

Best three:  Catch in Traffic: 82, Run Blocking: 82, Awareness: 80

Dante Rosario

Overall:  75

Best three:  Acceleration: 86, Release: 84, Catching: 81


Left Tackle

Jordan Gross

Overall:  92

Best three:  Pass Blocking Footwork: 96, Run Blocking: 95, False Starts: 100 (teehee!!!)


Left Guard

Travelle Wharton

Overall:  83

Best three:  Run Blocking Footwork: 91, Pass Blocking: 89, Awareness: 88

Mackenzy Bernadeau

Overall:  69

Best three:  Strength: 96, Run Blocking: 88, Run Block Strength: 86



Ryan Kalil

Overall:  91

Best three:  Pass Blocking Footwork: 94, Run Blocking Footwork 93, Awareness: 93

Zack Williams

Overall:  69

Best three:  Strength: 93, Run Blocking: 88, Run Block Strength: 86

Right Guard

Geoff Schwartz

Overall:  82

Best three:  Strength: 95, Run Blocking Strength: 91, Pass Blocking Strength: 90

Duke Robinson

Overall:  73

Best three:  Strength: 97, Run Blocking Strength: 95, Run Blocking 90


Right Tackle

Jeff Otah

Overall:  87

Best three:  Strength: 95, Impact Blocking: 93, Run Blocking Strength: 92

Lee Ziemba

Overall:  68

Best three:  Run Blocking: 88, Run Blocking Strength: 86, Strength: 86


Left Defensive End

Charles Johnson

Overall:  92

Best three:  Power Moves: 94, Finesse Moves: 92, Block Shedding: 90


Right Defensive End

Greg Hardy

Overall:  78

Best three:  Finesse Moves: 91, Acceleration: 88, Block Shedding: 85

Everette Brown

Overall:  77

Best three:  Finesse Moves: 90, Pursuit: 87, Acceleration: 86

Eric Norwood

Overall:  74

Best three:  Power Moves: 89, Acceleration: 85, Pursuit: 85


Defensive Tackle

Terrell McClain

Overall:  79

Best three:  Strength: 89, Power Moves: 87, Tackle: 82

Sione Fua

Overall:  76

Best three:  Strength: 94, Power Moves: 91, Block Shedding: 84

Derek Landri

Overall:  75

Best three:  Power Moves: 90, Finesse Moves: 86, Block Shedding: 83


Outside Linebacker

Thomas Davis

Overall:  87

Best three:  Tackle: 94, Pursuit: 92, Hit Power: 92

James Anderson

Overall:  84

Best three:  Tackle: 90, Acceleration: 89, Speed: 87

Jamar Williams

Overall: 71

Best three:  Tackle: 84, Acceleration: 81, Agility: 80

Nic Harris

Overall: 66

Best three:  Speed: 86, Acceleration: 84, Tackle: 81

Lawrence Wilson

Overall: 65

Best three:  Speed: 85, Agility: 83, Tackle: 80

Middle Linebacker

Jon Beason

Overall:  97

Best three:  Tackle: 98, Play Recognition: 97, Awareness: 95

Dan Connor

Overall: 85

Best three:  Tackle: 94, Block Shedding: 89, Play Recognition: 87



Chris Gamble

Overall:  88

Best three:  Speed: 93, Acceleration: 91, Man Coverage: 88

Captain Munnerlyn

Overall:  82

Best three:  Acceleration: 94, Press: 92, Man Coverage: 90

Brandon Hogan

Overall:  77

Best three:  Acceleration: 93, Speed: 92, Agility: 92

Robert McClain

Overall:  69

Best three:  Speed: 90, Agility: 89, Press: 85


Free Safety

Sharrod Martin

Overall:  82

Best three: Speed: 91, Agility: 91, Zone Coverage: 90

Jordan Pugh

Overall:  71

Best three:  Acceleration: 93, Speed: 90, Zone Coverage: 88


Strong Safety

Charles Godfrey

Overall:  84

Best three:  Acceleration: 93, Speed: 92, Tackle: 89

Marcus Hudson

Overall:  72

Best three:  Zone Coverage: 89, Speed: 87, Acceleration: 87


There you have it gang....the ratings for your 2012 Carolina Panthers!  If not, then these are what they should be.

Flame on, Kimosabes.

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