Who Are Some Panthers Veteran QB Options

Jake Delhomme's name is now in the mix for the Panthers veteran free agant QB job, once he's released by the Browns. Everyone has an opinion about Jake, and got a chance to express them in yeaterdays article about him, so let's move on.

Next comes the "big name" QB's who are awaiting release, or a trade. As a whole they are either overpriced, over the hill, or want to be starters. Kevin Kolb only has around 7 NFL starts, with 3 good ones, and as many bad ones, with a career QB rating of 73.2, less than Tyler Thigpen's 73.7. Donovan McNabb is aging fast, banged up, and still thinks he's a starter. Vince Young posted his highest QB rating ever 98.5 last year, but had a meltown. He's a good starting QB option, who comes with high risk, and wouldn't want to be a backup. Marc Bulger can't throw deep any longer, want's to play for a team close to St. Louis, and is a backup QB now. Bulger should go back to the Rams, they have fixed their O-Line, and with A. J. Feeley as their top backup, they need a much better backup.

Lesser Known Veteran QB Backup Options:

Bill Volek is 35 years old, and has only thrown 44 NFL passes in his last 5 seasons, and 3 passes in his first 3 seasons. Volek thew around 66 passes in 2003, 88 in 2005, and 357 in 2004, his only career season with over 100 passes attempted. He has been with the Chargers for the last 5 season, happy in his home state, and that knowledge of Chuds offense is his lone advantage. He would probably break down after a couple of starts.

Tarvaris Jackson (6-2, 225, 4.69-40) is 28 years old, and has spent all 5 seasons with the Vikings. Here are Jackson's passing numbers.

2006 - 4 games, 2 starts, 47-81, 58.0%, 2 TD's, 4 ints, 62.5 QB rating. rushing 15-77, 5.1 rush average.

2007 - 12 games, 12 starts, 171-294, 58.2%, 9 TD's, 12 ints, 70.8 QB rating. rushing 54-260, 4.8 average.

2008 - 9 games, 5 starts, 88-149, 59.1%, 9 TD's, 2 ints, 95.4 QB rating. rushing 26-145, 5.6 average.

2009 - 8 games, 0 starts, 14-21, 66.7%, 1 TD, O ints, 113.4 QB rating. rushing 17-(-10), (-0.6) average.

2010 - 2 games, 1 start, 34-58, 58.6%,  3 TD's, 4 ints, 63.9 QB rating. rushing 7-63, 9.0 average.

Trent Edwards (6-4, 231, 4.76-40) is 27 years old, and a victim of TO, the QB killer in 2009, getting cut the next season. He started out his career great with the bills, but their lack of O-Line protection caused his production to drop, and spent most of last season with the Dolphins, after being claimed off waivers. He's probably the most exerienced mid range free agent, but a different style than Cam Newton. Here are his numbers.

2007 - 10 games, 9 starts, 151-269%, 56.1%, 7 TD's, 8 ints, 70.4 QB rating. rushing 14-49, 3.5 average.

2008 - 14 games, 14 starts, 245-374, 65.5%, 11 TD's, 10 ints, 85.4% QB ranking. rushing 54-260, 4.8 average.

2009 - 9 games, 5 starts, 110-183, 60.1%, 6 TD's, 7 ints, 73.8 QB rating. rushing 14-106, 7.6 average.

2010 - 2 games, 2 starts, 29-52, 55.8%, 1 TD, 2 ints, 58.3 QB rating. rushing 5-24, 4.8 average.

Tyler Thigpen (6-1, 224, 4.78-40) is 27 years old, from Winnsboro SC, who only has 2 seaons with more than 8 passes in his 4 seasons. He might have an advantage by having played in the Chiefs 2008 "pistol" offense, though he has been with the Dolphins since 2009. Here are his numbers.

2008 - 14 games, 11 starts, 230-420, 54.8%, 18 TD's, 12 ints, 76.0 QB rating. rushing 62-386, 6.2 average.

2010 - 5 games, 1 start, 33-62, 53.2%, 2 TD's 2 ints, 73.0 QB rating. rushing 13-73, 5.6 average.

Troy Smith (6-0, 217) is 26 years old, and a Hiesman winner at Ohio St. He played very little in his first 3 season with the Ravens, so I will only list his 2010 numbers with the 49ers.

2010 - 6games, 6 starts, 43-145, 50.3%, 5 TD's, 4 ints, 77.6 QB rating, rushing 23-121, 5.3 average.

Dante Culpepper (6-6, 260) was Cam Newton before their was a Cam Newton, before his knee injury. He hasn't played in the NFL since 2008 (playing in the USFL), and is in his late 30's now, so he's a long shot, Here are the numbers for his last NFL (2008) season with the lions.

2008 - 5 games, 5 starts, 60-115, 52.2 %, 4 Td's, 6 ints, 63.6 QB rating, rushing 12-25, 2.1 average.

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