In the Green: The Best of CSR w/e 5/8/11

Our second week of the Best of the Best, to emphasize the popularity of those posts, from the past 7 days, that were turned green from receiving at least 5 Recs. By the way, if I missed any that did turn green, let me know, and I'll add them.

There were 11 such this week, down from the Draft-stimulated 19 the week before, but still of high quality.  Special props to 2 of our female posters, jamie and privategirl, who produced 3 of the let's get to it, after the jump...

Remember this is all post draft...

Excited but Nervous.

That is the only way I can describe my feeling toward having Cam Newton as our QB. He has the ability and raw athletic talent to completely change the way the NFL looks at the QB position, similar to what Vick did before him. The thought that we could have a Vick stuck in a Roethlesberger body has got to be downright frightening to all 31 other teams in the NFL.

What is really scary, is that there is plenty of talent on this team as such that we could compete right away. This team last year was a playoff caliber team that just needed a passing game. All 31 other teams are probably thinking privately that Carolina has just improved both it’s passing and running games with the selection of a single player. Is it possible that we may have to stack 8 in the box every play, even when we KNOW they are passing? Are we going to have to dedicate a linebacker to spy Newton on every play? Will just a linebacker be enough?

Alabama fans have tried to convince me otherwise. But you know what? Just like James alluded to in the article… they also probably are somewhat jealous. They let Auburn rally 24 points to beat them last season, and then march on to a national championship that the Tide fans probably thought was theirs. Why and how could they let this happen? A dynamic offense led by a special (and clutch) athlete at the QB position, and a stout defense that didn’t give an inch.

Well… check. andddd…… check.

Here is hoping that Cam Newton takes that boulder on his shoulder and turns it into some quality hardware for himself and the franchise.

by Tater596 on May 3, 2011 2:19 PM EDT reply actions   12 recs

it kept me up with the Panthers while I was stationed overseas.

Thank you for your service to our country, which is infinitely more valuable than anything any of us contribute here.

by bwsmith25 on May 3, 2011 11:43 AM EDT up reply actions   7 recs

Baker should take No. 13

A Baker’s Dozen

by dogear on May 4, 2011 10:40 AM EDT reply actions   9 recs

I should also say...

That if the paying to switch jerseys actually does go down, it would be really nice to see it donated to the CMS school system. Charlotte schools have been hit incredibly hard recently, (programs being affected, classrooms being affected, teachers/staff losing jobs) and it would be a nice gesture to the Charlotte community.

by jamiedk on May 4, 2011 11:06 AM EDT up reply actions   8 recs

Welcome to the Panthers!


by MMA_PITBULL on May 5, 2011 9:33 AM EDT reply actions   16 recs

That's exactly why I think Cam should just take a different number..

No way should he come in and start demanding numbers… Take that number that means nothing and turn it into something.

by D-Ranged1 on May 4, 2011 2:48 PM EDT up reply actions   5 recs

Funny. I voted "Overrated" before reading any of the posts, thinking I'd be in the small minority.

Lo and behold, I’m in the 50%+ group, who all think as I do.

There are so many similarities between Kolb and our very own Matt Moore, that I think it’s asinine to consider giving a 1st round pick for Kolb.

I am one of the few Moore supporters on this blog, so many of you having given up on him after the start of last season – yet consider these factors:

They’re the same age, born 15 days apart in 1984.
They’re both 6’3".
Their YPA are 6.5 Kolb, 6.7 Moore.
Their TD/INT ratios are 11/14 Kolb, 16/17 Moore.
Both suffered concussions.
Their career QB ratings (those "started" numbers skew it up big in Kolb’s favor) are 73.2 Kolb, 73.9 Moore.

So if you love Kolb for a #1 draft pick swap, you’ve gotta mess your pants at the idea of keeping Moore for a song, and no draft pick at all.

What these numbers show is that, for any criticism you can make of Moore, you can make the same ones for Kolb – plus consider that Kolb played for a far more successful team, a better OL, and more experienced WRs.

by bigdavis on May 5, 2011 12:56 AM EDT reply actions   6 recs

My biggest issue with Clausen is that the guy had coaching his ENTIRE life.

How much more can he improve? I just think considering all the coaching he’s had, he’s quickly approaching his potential.

God help us all.

by BusyBeingAwesome on May 5, 2011 1:36 PM EDT reply  5 recs

With more and more reports coming out...

And with Gross (on WFNZ) saying that Smitty’s been pretty vocal, I would be shocked if Smitty were a Panther. The only way I see him not being traded this season is if any trade offers are just too ridiculous to take – like offering a 5th rounder or lower.

What I really don’t get though – the Chargers or Raiders (or Ravens)? Yeah, those teams tend to win more games than we do when we’re not in playoff mode, but we were in playoff mode as recently as 2008, and quite likely would have been a wildcard in 2009 if Moore had came in earlier in 2009 the way he played that season.

But the Chargers…we just stole half of their coaching staff. They do have have Rivers and Vincent Jackson, but I still would think there would be a big question mark with a coaching turnover. And when’s the last time they won a Super Bowl (I know, they’ve made playoff appearances, but haven’t made huge splashes)? The biggest thing I see appealing in that situation would be the team’s location in California and the fact that Rivers can actually get a ball to a WR.

The Raiders – they’re coaching staff has been in so much flux. And really – Al Davis? Al Davis? And when’s the last time they knocked on the door of the Super Bowl? Again, biggest draw there would seem that the team’s in California.

If you want to win the big one – you target the Pats (although I strongly suggest never dealing with them again), the Packers (although they’re already stacked with a great roster that was mostly acquired through the draft so I’m not sure why they’d make a trade), the Bears, the Jets, the Steelers (although they already have their tough/slightly older WR in Hines Ward), the Colts (although Manning’s usually not at the top of his games in playoffs), the Falcons, the Saints, or maybe the Eagles now with Vick, etc. IMO, there are just more "sure" teams to want to go to than the Chargers, Raiders, or Ravens (Flacco and playoffs don’t mix).

To be clear, if Smitty’s going to continue to be petulant, it’s better for THE PANTHERS to trade him now to try to get value (if they can) out of him and to keep him from tearing down Newton like he did Clausen (and even the way he derided Delhomme near the end of his time here when Delhomme started to struggle). If you can’t keep from tearing down your teammates, you’re not helping the team as a whole no matter what your ability (IMO). At first, I was of the opinion that he’s done a lot for this team from an ability standpoint for years, and maybe you "owe" it to him. But the more I think about it, I just don’t think you should trade a player just to placate him. You have no duty to. You do what’s for the team. If that means you trade him and the by-product is the player’s happiness, it is what it is (sorry for the Foxism). But a team’s purpose should be for the betterment of a team (through a value in return for the trade and to improve the locker room) and not to cater to a player’s desire and ego.

What I just really don’t get is the rumored teams where he’d like to go when it seems like there are many more teams more likely to win the big one sooner.

by jamiedk on May 7, 2011 9:55 AM EDT reply actions   5 recs

They can't stop labeling him...

When he entered the draft the labels came fast and furious…Everyone associated with the ESPN/NFLN started the label train. From Ja Marcus to Mike V. All the so called non-racial associations were made. Then they interprete his strong and larger than life personality as being arrogant. They defended their argument by turning a simply comment that wouldn’t have taken a second glance at and turned it into a fire-storm of hate. Funny thing was, Peter King, the SI guy who put out the tweet state right under the Cam’s abbreviated quote, that he really liked the kid and was looking forwrad to meeting him at the Combine. There was no mentioning of him sounding arrogant or cocky. It wasn’t until Mike Flori of PFT/Nolon Narowcki’s co-worker, instigators of hate, turned what Cam said into an arrogant and cocky did Peter King do a 180.

ESPN and their elite friends hate Cam because everytime they try to take him down, he rises above with a smile. They did it with Auburn…and Cam rose above..They then figure that when he left Auburn he was no longer under their protection and the relentless attacks on his character came. Then came the "be afraid of him of him because" game cause they didn’t want him drafted high. They played that game endlessly on the NFLN because eveyone of those main pundants like Mayock, and Lombardi were backing Blaine. Then came the attack on his mechanics and then his one year at Auburn.

Interestingly enough, while they were attacking Cam because he was so high on the draft board and they claimed they didn’t know him, as they stated, they completely spun everything about Blaine into the perfect face of a franchise, despite not knowing him either.

They played the intelligent game based solely by race-baiting Cam. They ignored everyone who didn’t agree with the unintelligent image they were pushing of Cam. All this despite his wonderlic being one point higher than Jake and one point below Tim Tebow, yet you hear no one questioning their intelligence.

 Any little negative quote they can get against Cam, ESPN spun it into a negative write-up. Even when one of their own say Cam has a very good QB IQ, ESPN and those at the NFLN dismiss it cause it isn’t inline with their agenda.

Then ESPN took a video clip where Cam wasn’t able to respond to NFL QB verbrage and used it to continue pushing the premature belief that Cam isn’t ready for the NFL, despite Jon beleiving Cam was one of the top QBs and really liked him. No such praise was made about Blaine nor was he even given any NFL QB verbrage like Cam..

IMO, the hate on Cam is coming from a place of jealousy. Jealousy because he is exceptionally talented , confident and has shown to be able to handle adversity very well. A lot of Jealousy because he wasn’t at their school. Jealousy because he beat teams that Auburn had a difficult time beating in the past. And IMO, jealousy cause he isn’t Blaine…if you know what I mean.

I remember reading on a site that Nick Saban the coach for Alabama, put Cam’s picture up in the Alabama locker-room after Cam brought back his Auburn back from a 24-0 deficit to win the Iron-Bowl. My prayer for the Panthers is he will cause other teams in the NFL to respect the Panthers on that level but he can’t do it alone.

That Alabama team is happy to see Cam leave Auburn.

by privategirl on May 3, 2011 4:49 PM EDT reply actions   8 recs

CSR would like to hear more from privategirl.

And the biggest difference could be the coaching, and the play-calling of the new system.

Not much has been said about it yet, but I see McDermott as a major upgrade over Meeks (who wasn’t bad as DC, by any means) But now Meeks is working with the secondary, where he’s most experienced and effective, and McDermott will utilize the other 7 guys to better advantage, with various zone blitzes. Our LB corps is as good as there is in the league, as good as the Steelers and Ravens, and our DL will be more productive, after a vital year’s experience for CJ and Hardy, and new blood at DT.

So, to my mind, that spells fewer yds and points surrendered and more turnovers.

But even better than that, we have a new staff of offensive coaches, and here’s where it gets potentially really better! Chudzinski is a MAJOR upgrade over Davidson, and the same goes for Mike Shula over Rip Sherer as QB coach. And that’s not all. Pete Hoener, our new TE coach, was with the 49ers the last 6 years, and developed Vernon Davis into a force as a receiving TE. I feel he’ll only help bring significant improvement to the production of that position, which has been relatively neglected.

Enough reasons? Wait…there’s more… Here’s what has to say about new WR coach, Fred Graves:

"Armed with a reputation as a stickler for precision, Fred Graves is challenged with developing one of the NFL’s youngest wide receiving corps. However, the task is not unlike the one he successfully met as wide receivers coach for the Tennessee Titans for the past four seasons.

Taking over Tennessee’s wide receivers in 2007, Graves took an unproven group of wide outs and groomed them into reliable targets. Justin Gage emerged and tied for the team lead with a career-high 55 catches. The next year, Gage evolved into a big-play threat, ranking third in the NFL with an average of 19.1 yards per reception.

In 2009, the Titans selected Kenny Britt in the first round of the NFL Draft and added Nate Washington in free agency. Graves helped Britt compile a team-high 701 yards to become the first rookie to lead the team in receiving yards since 1995. In Washington’s first season as a full-time starter in the NFL, he established career bests for catches and touchdowns.

Graves joined the Titans from the Detroit Lions, where he oversaw the wide receivers in 2005. In his one season with the Lions, the wide receiver position group tallied 148 receptions for 1,810 yards, and Roy Williams continued to mature into a featured receiver with a career-high eight touchdowns under Graves’ guidance.

Prior to the Lions, Graves spent one season as the Cleveland Browns’ wide receivers coach in 2004. There, he worked with current Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, who was the Browns’ offensive coordinator for the final five games of the year.

From 2001-03, Graves coached the wide receivers for the Buffalo Bills. In 2002, veterans Eric Moulds and Peerless Price along with rookie Josh Reed combined for 231 catches for 3,053 yards and 21 touchdowns. Graves produced two 1,000-yard receivers in Moulds and Price while directing Moulds to the first 100-reception season in franchise history and Pro Bowl honors."

As you see, I’m stoked.

by bigdavis on May 8, 2011 12:18 PM EDT up reply actions   5 recs

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