Jerry Richardson and Danny Morrison as the fiscal managers of the Carolina Panthers

I bet there are a ton of pie charts in the Big Cat's murse.(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

It amazes me that football is the #1 sport in the country, the most covered by the media, and the league have the most 'inside' access to its teams- yet most people still don't have even a basic understanding of the organizational structure of a football team. Don't believe me? Head over to Pro Football Talk and read some of the comments on this article.

The piece itself isn't really of consequence- just a short story about how Jerry Richardson isn't worried about Cam Newton missing practice time, but those comments (Panther fans excluded) typify just how clueless the masses are about how an organization is run. If you read any comment 'hating' on the Panthers, more often than not it will include something akin to: 

"Jerry Richardson doesn't know how to run a team- look at the Panthers' record last year"

That statement highlights just how ignorant most fans are. We'll look at this, and more after the jump.


It's really a pretty basic concept for how every organization is run:

- Coaching staff + General Manager = Football operations

- Owner + Team President = Business operations

It's the NFL's own separation of Church and State- and let's face it, the most successful organizations follow this mantra. When owners cross into football operations you get situations like Al Davis, Dan Snyder and to a lesser extent Jerry Jones. I say this about Jones because he actually seems to be realizing this more and more, taking more of a backseat and letting his football minds run his franchise.

When owners dabble in football decisions bad things happen. This is why I find it so curious people would attribute a 2-14 season on Jerry Richardson. I don't pretend to know what fans these masses root for, but I would be curious to know. I can say with confidence that the Carolina Panthers haven't laid off any employees, forced any furloughs or cut any pay; Can these fans say the same about their respective team? I highly doubt it.

The fact is: Jerry Richardson and Danny Morrison are responsible to upholding the business side of the Carolina Panthers organization, and based purely on the fact they haven't needed to reach into the coffers of their employees it shows they have managed the financial aspect to their team far better than those needing to pull from their employees wallets.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking that if Richardson really was as Mr. Potter-esque as many are trying to say, then surely he would have furloughed employees months ago to save a dime, right? Well he hasn't- and that's left these arguments wanting.  

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