In the Green: The Best of CSR w/e  5/1/11

Guys and gals, this is a trial balloon that I'm flying here.Whether it becomes a regular feature will depend on your reactions, and those of the Editorial Staff.

What I've done is scan each FanPost from the last week, and cut/paste (no editing on my part, other to eliminate space-taking sigs) every post that received a minimum of 5 Recs.  That was an arbitrary number, but there were so many 3s and 4s that it becomes unwieldy to include those, too.  This makes it the "Best of the Best," which is what I was seeking to recognize.  This past week, there were 18 Greens of 5+ Recs, and that's probably going to be a very high number, due to the Draft. So check them out...after the jump...


The benefits of this are 1) some extra good stuff to read in the off-season, and 2) to highlight good thoughts that might have gone unseen by those who don't read every thread.  Enjoy, and have a laugh or two.  Incidentally, I did not choose to identify the FanPost that each came from, but by clicking on the poster's name, you can locate the context of his/her statement, if you wish.

This is long as the wait time as the outer room at the dentist, but I hope less painful.   Let me know what you think.  Another idea might be to re-assemble the 6 or 8 best each month, for a poll to decide the Fav of Favs, so to speak.

These are in no particular order, but started off by the one by bwsmith which garnered the most Recs ever, 19!

I'm glad he has a chip on his shoulder.

I hope he uses that fire and takes it out on the rest of the NFL. I want this kid to dominate. I’m also glad he has a playbook and that he’s studying it. That’s wonderful news.

I hated him three months ago, and I’ll be the first to admit that. But now, after I’ve done my own individual research on him and after seeing the reaction from JR, Hurney, and Rivera about him, and seeing his attitude since he’s been drafted, I’m a huge fan now, because now he’s a Carolina Panther, and that’s all that matters.

Cam, take that chip on your shoulder and use it to your advantage. Warren Moon and John Randle each had a chip on their shoulder from not being drafted and they took it out on the rest of the NFL, and now they’re in the Hall of Fame. Follow that same path, take it out on everyone who thinks you’re going to fail, lead us to a Super Bowl, win said Super Bowl, and then shove it in everyone’s face when you’re holding up the Lombardi Trophy.

Cam, your path to the NFL can be broken down into three easy steps:

1. Arrive
2. Raise Hell
3. Leave

God let’s get this lockout over with so we can return to football! I’m already pumped!


by bwsmith25 on May 2, 2011 10:40 AM EDT reply actions   19 recs


Well.... at least we have one ray of sunshine in our fanbase!

Darin Gantt
Most reasonable folks would argue situation is better now. RT @MichaelProcton So we’re just repeating mistake we made last year w/Clausen?

by James Dator on May 2, 2011 11:19 AM EDT reply actions   10 recs


This article has been out a few days, but I just saw it...

I hadn’t even realized what a meteoric rise to prominence Newton’s had in only 12 months.

But contrary to the "entitlement" which others take from his demeanor, I think there’s a good dose of humility and perspective, and certainly drive to succeed, in what he has to say, and the words he uses to express that drive. Read the article, and his quotes.

At the last level, he overcame all the challenges put before him, and succeeded at his craft more than any other college football athlete. The new challenges at the NFL level will be different, as they are for all of us as we grow in life, but if he were to show the same determination (I can’t see how ‘work ethic’ should even come into a discussion of his red flags) and the same will to win, we could be looking at a major force in the league, in its infancy stage.

As yet, he has given no sign that he will fail. He has given many that he can succeed.

Now one might read my words, and reply with some, by now, tired cliche about Cammyjuice, but I’m looking at him this way: I’ve been watching every NFL QB in the last 50 years, and I’ve never seen one with the combination of size, speed, elusiveness, instinct for the open field, and the record of winning that this guy has. His Wonderlic score is not evidence of a genius, but neither is it of a mental weakling. I see no reason he can’t be taught the language of the NFL, and that’s the only test I think he has to pass. He can already pass the football, and he can run the football, and he has NEVER fumbled the football.

He screwed up at UofFla, but who at 17 hasn’t? We’re not all as mature as FlowingWillow at that age. (and that’s not sarcastic; it’s a compliment.) The important thing that’s largely overlooked by those who harp on those incidents is that he did NOTHING the last 2 years to continue a pattern of troublesome behavior. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t do drugs, he doesn’t party late. He plays football, and he wins.

I want him as a Panther.

by bigdavis on Apr 24, 2011 10:38 PM EDT reply actions   12 recs


I think it goes in stages...

Ages 5-10: Staring and laughing at what’s in the toilet.

Ages 11-25: Playing with ding-dong.

Ages 25-49: Thinking about the finer points in life and enjoying the only 15 minutes of peace you get in the day.

Ages 50 and up: Asking ding-dong why he hates you so much because he won’t cooperate "at the right moment".


by bwsmith25 on Apr 25, 2011 3:40 PM EDT up reply actions   6 recs


I think the majority of us feel that way.

It’s just the "Cam or nobody" crowd that really gets annoying.


by bwsmith25 on Apr 24, 2011 9:15 PM EDT up reply actions   8 recs


Then, logically, your doubts about him can possibly be allayed, after watching more film of him in 2011.

And those 5 rounds in the chambers might not be loaded for RR, or even be pointed at the shooter himself, but may be the ammunition he spoke of, that which motivates him to prove you wrong.

Many great achievements in life have been accomplished by motivated young men, working hard to try to prove somebody wrong. It is an overwhelming drive that causes people to run up stadium steps when they don’t have to, and weren’t ordered to. I can’t relate to that action. I know I’ve never done it, in any literal or figurative way. That is not the action of a person with ‘normal’ goals, but by someone with extra-ordinary goals to meet, those which are internal, and accompanied by a self-confidence which appears to be unacceptable, even off-putting, to those of lesser achievements – like critics, observers, and writers, who make their livings not by doing anything, but by pointing out flaws in those who do.

I’ll expand a bit further: someone raised the question of how Newton, who’s been a winner, would react to losses at the NFL level. I’d assume it’d be far different than, say, how Jimmy Clausen reacted, he who was used to losses in college, and who went far too quietly into the night, and who assumed the position of submission far too readily, as he absorbed sack after sack, and pressure after pressure. I don’t, from every indication Newton’s given, that he’d be accepting of failure to win, and would do something about it.

We shall see what we shall see. I join you in saying, Go Panthers!

by bigdavis on Apr 25, 2011 3:22 AM EDT up reply actions   5 recs


This site really needs a train button

It can work for either PantherTrain or MikeTrain. Whenever they post something, this appears

When you click the train, you get that option. It would make the site alot better with a collapse thread feature.

by Jelly Wedge on Apr 26, 2011 1:57 AM EDT up reply actions   5 recs



I hate this shit… I just want to talk football, not law

by James Dator on Apr 26, 2011 9:18 AM EDT up reply actions   5 recs


Dude, that is bullshit, and ’m not letting it slide. We all love the Panthers, and the majority of us will be happy with WHOMEVER THEY PICK. James, BW, me, Vagus, P4L, BBA, Ace, all of us will be happy with Peterson, Gabbert, Newton, Green, whoever (minus Bowers).

You however seem to be a different story. You seem to be only content with Newton. If Newton isn’t the pick, I seriously am curious as to how you will take it. My guess is you will stay quiet. But deep down you are probably gonna be pissed off.

Nobody here will be bitchin with whomever they choose except you if the pick isn’t Newton. So I’d stop while you are behind. You obvious bias and close mindedness is rather annoying.

by Ivan459 on Apr 26, 2011 6:20 PM EDT up reply actions   5 recs


Regarding Condon and CAA

They are in a position to hand pick their clients. Since each of them require more or less the same amount of time and effort to prepare and groom and manage for a draft, logic tells you they want to pick the guys who they see as the best draft prospects headed for the biggest contracts.

"privategirl" seems to want to make this a negative towards Gabbert, but it is a huge positive. CAA is intimately connected to the high school and college football scene by the nature of their business. They have been following these kids for years before they can officially represent them. They know the pros and cons of the various prospects better than anyone, including the NFL teams.

If CAA had a history of producing prospects who were "overdrafted" due to hype and management, there might be a case to criticize them. But the opposite is true. None of their respective teams are regretful about drafting Sam Bradford, Matt Stafford, Josh Freeman, or Matt Ryan where they did. Most are probably ecstatic.

Terry Shea, who worked with all of them one on one, for several months, told his old friend Steve Mariucci that Gabbert was as good as any of them. In all respects. That would be the clincher for me if I was choosing the Panthers top pick this year. Proven record of success.

by robert ethan on Apr 26, 2011 3:43 PM EDT reply actions   5 recs


I don't know what I fear more

Cam Newton being a bust if we pick him, or Cam Newton being used to derail every topic on CSR for the perpetuity of the universe if we take him.

by James Dator on Apr 27, 2011 8:52 AM EDT up reply actions   8 recs


How said is this

Hey Smitty,

I know I speak for Panthers fans when I say this…we are sorry that you were subjected to second-rate QBing for most of your career. We understand that we further downgraded that position with rookies and journeymen QBs last year. We are grateful for the intensity with which you practiced and played. You never let us down and you always gave us fans more than we asked for. We get that you never got the help you needed to take the team all the way.

We respect your choice as much as it hurts us.

- Your Fan For Life

by pieterzen on Apr 27, 2011 4:25 AM EDT reply actions   14 recs


Here's what I'd suggest the Panthers do...

…but whether they’ll actually do it or not is entirely debatable. And it isn’t necessarily all in their control. After all, if they can’t find a trade partner, they’ll have to do something with the pick.

1) Trade Down - Get out of the #1 pick and secure at least some other team’s high 1st round pick…preferrably #3 (Buffalo) or #5 (Arizona)…and a decently high 2nd round pick. Tack on an extra 4th or 5th round pick and I’m sold.

2) Take An Impact Player In The First Round - With that 1st round pick, take someone who projects as an immediate starter for your team. To me, that means Patrick Peterson, Marcel Dareus, or A.J. Green. All of those guys would help us from Day One. And, they all play positions that are areas of need for the Panthers. If you can get Patrick Peterson, that locks up your CB needs and serves as an insurance policy against both an aging veteran (Chris Gamble) and a departing free agent (Richard Marshall). If you can get Marcel Dareus (unlikely at #3 or #5), he would give you immediate help on the D-line with the ability to play a variety of techniques and anchor us for years to come. However, this is the deepest draft at DT that we’ve seen in some time, so it might be best to wait on filling our DT needs until the later rounds. Lastly, if Peterson and Dareus are already off the board, A.J. Green would still make a great pick. The WR position has been a dire need for this team for a LONG time now. And, with Steve Smith already cleaning out his locker and preparing to play elsewhere, this is a choice I could definitely live with…and made moreso by the fact that we didn’t have to take a WR with the #1 pick. Any of these three would make for a successful draft. But there’s still more to go.

3) Draft For Need In Subsequent Rounds - With our 2nd round and two 3rd round picks, we need to focus on filling other areas of need on the team. If there’s a decent QB prospect still on the board, spend the 2nd round pick on him. Or, if you’ve already got your eyes on securing a decent free agent veteran…or, alternatively, if you feel you can salvage Clausen or Moore…pass on a QB in the 2nd round and start filling your DL and CB needs. In the 3rd round, spend your two picks there on doing much the same, but mix-and-match as you go. Take the best player available at those positions. Do that and you’ll go far in getting this team back into competitive shape.

4) Spend Late Round Picks on Developmental Guys - Once you spend your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks, it’s time to go shopping for project players that Rob Chudzinski and Ron Rivera (with Sean McDermott) can put to use somewhere down the road. This is the time to look for a TE prospect to replace one-year signee Jeremy Shockey. Take a look at a potential RB prospect, many of whom should fall like stones in this year’s draft, so there should be some decent ones still available. That’ll shore up the departure of Deangelo Williams. Look for another WR or CB prospect who can also contribute on special teams. And, also look for adding O-line depth in the event of injuries.

5) Start Planning Next Year’s Draft - They say the Panthers have the hardest schedule this year. We’ll see how that pans out. Last year was supposed to be an easy one, but we know how that went. Either way, expect this team to struggle. We’re in a rebuilding phase and Rome wasn’t built overnight. Ron Rivera also gets a free pass this year. Everyone knows he’s going to be remolding the team to match his philosophy. That’ll take time. Odds are we’ll go through this season and come out kind of mediocre in terms of record. That means we’ll have a decently high pick in the 1st round next year. So, start looking for ways to take advantage of that. Next year’s QB crop is going to be a lot stronger than this year. So, we should plan on identifying and targeting a guy that we REALLY want as our franchise QB. And that’s even if we select somebody this year. Let Hurney work his magic with trading future draft picks to move up and get a higher profile guy…someone we’re a lot more sure about than Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, etc.

That’s just my nickel’s worth,

by NSpicer on Apr 27, 2011 6:42 PM EDT reply actions   7 recs


Sal Palintonio said Ron Rivera Spoke with Cam on more then 12 occasions. Anytime something popped up either media related or on the internet he called Cam personally and talked it out. Cam met JR at his own house and had a long conversation. JR came off impressed. Sal said Ron Rivera is one of the most respected guys in the entire NFL. Said he is very hard to pull one over on. He said if Cam was dishonest or phony RR and JR both would pick up on it. Both gave him glowing reviews. If THEY believe in this kid that much then any panther fan should accept it and embrace Newton when he is selected. He may not of been the guy you was pulling for or hoped we took. You may still have questions of your own. Hell you would be crazy not too but Two very well respected NFL minds have both gave him there seal of approval. That for myself makes the plunge a little bit easier. Fingers crossed it all works out and we FINALLY have our franchise QB

by MMA_PITBULL on Apr 28, 2011 7:00 AM EDT reply StarUnrec? 5


So who else went to their favorite news site this morning and thought...

"Oh yeah, the royal wedding was yesterday. How dumb was he to get married on draft day!"

by Jaxon on Apr 29, 2011 8:38 AM EDT reply actions   5 recs


"Where becoming great is more like collard greens"

Jaxon, make it happen

by James Dator on Apr 29, 2011 1:03 PM EDT up reply actions   7 recs

And it did...and it is

Something like this....

Cam: Hey Jimmy, you think I could wear the number two?

Jimmy: Well, what would you give me for it???

Cam: How ’bout Tree Fiddy?

by Panther4Life!!! on Apr 29, 2011 1:26 PM EDT up reply actions   6 recs


A general comment here...and it echoes some sentiments already written in this thread...

But honestly, a lot of us need to take a step back and take a chill pill. There’s an insane amount of name calling, direct insults to other posters, calling for heads, etc. going on, and it’s uncalled for.

I understand why this may not seem like a dream draft. I have some reservations myself, but I can also see the upside in some of these guys (particularly Hogan and Pilares) and understand why Hurney and the coaching staff may have been drawn to these players.

We all need to sit back and understand that there are numerous people in the scouting department who literally track these players for the players’ entire college careers (some even starting in high school). We aren’t paid scouts – we’re armchair game-watchers/GMs and Youtube connoisseurs. Are we free to question draft picks and decisions? Absolutely. But we haven’t walked a mile in these scouts’ shoes. In short, I don’t think it’s time to call for heads.

Would I have liked some "sexier" picks? Absolutely. I would love to have picked up players with bigger names like Virgil Green, or to have taken chances on guys like Cannon and Herzlich in later draft rounds where I think the talent/value strongly outweighed the health concerns/risks. Even with the sexy, big-name pick we did make, I’m not sure whether I’m fully on board with Newton. It’s risky, but the possibilities are so exciting.

I’m trying to walk the cautious line – avoid major negativity despite the fact I might have liked to have seen different choices, try to understand why picks were made, and just wait-and-see. Sometimes Hurney’s nailed it, other times, he’s made some ill-advised choices as to trades/picks, etc. Until these players take the field, we don’t whether he’s nailed it or not.

Basically, while everyone is fully entitled to his/her own opinion, it would improve the environment of this blog if everyone could express those opinions in a cool, calm, collected, and respectful manner. Civilized discussion = good. Overheated, demeaning arguing/ranting = bad.

And now, I will step off of my soapbox.

by jamiedk on May 1, 2011 2:54 PM EDT reply actions   9 recs

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