Person: "Don't discount CAR getting a player for Smith"

Don'r rule out a player trade when it comes to Smith, says writer Joe Person

Since the credible rumors first began about Steve Smith being unhappy in Carolina it has always been the assumption of this community that draft picks would be involved; after all, this is a team who are looking to 'go young' and build through the draft- so it's plausible to think the Panthers would want to get a draft pick.

Common thinking from this point dictates that Carolina is between a rock and a hard place. Smith's value on the market would be such that Carolina would be lucky to get a 3rd round pick, and at that price we might as well hold on to the mercurial wide receiver and try and convince him that the Panthers are committed to winning and committed to Smitty.

However, when asked today on Twitter beat writer Joseph Person twice told fans not to overlook the possibility of a player trade.

On his value:

"Hope for a 3d, maybe a player after lockout"

Then later:

"Don't discount CAR getting a player for Smith."

If there's one thing the 2011 draft taught us it's that where there's smoke there is morst definitely fire. So, if Person is hearing the Panthers may get a player, then I put the chances of it happening fairly high. But who? After the jump I put on my sleuth cap to try and find some more unconventional landing spots.

Option 1:

The Carolina Panthers trade Steve Smith to the New York Jets for Antonio Cromartie

- Sure, on the surface this seems unlikely, but rumors indicate that free agent Nnamdi Asomugha has a strong interest in heading to New York and teaming with Darelle Revis. This leaves Cromartie out in the cold. The Jets would get a deadly slot WR to bolster their offense, and the Panthers get a starting CB better than anything currently on the roster.


Option 2:

The Carolina Panthers trades Steve Smith and a 2012 2nd round pick to the Houston Texans for Mario Williams

- Again, out of left field... but think about it. The Texans are transitioning to a 3-4 under Wade Phillips and moving Mario Williams to a 3-4 DE. This works against his natural strengths and makes him expendable. The Texans get a WR to pair with Andre Johnson, and the Panthers get one of the elite 4-3 pass rushers in the NFL.


Option 3: 

The Carolina Panthers trade Steve Smith to the Cincinnati Bengals for either Jonathan Joseph or Leon Hall

- Granted, the Bengals just drafted A.J. Green, but they're looking to lose two WRs this offseason- Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens. Smith would provide a target for rookie QB Andy Dalton, and aid the development of Green while they let go whichever corner they choose.


Option 4: 

The Carolina Panthers trade Steve Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs for Glenn Dorsey

- Dorsey has never been in his natural position in the KC 3-4, and with the Chiefs taking Jerrell Powe in the draft he would probably be expendable. Sure the Chiefs just took Jonathan Baldwin in the draft, but they could use a slot receiver to help bring Dexter McCluster along.


Option 5: 

The Carolina Panthers trade Steve Smith to the Oakland Raiders for Bruce Gradkowski

- It seems the Raiders are set with Jason Campbell at starter and they are rumored to be looking at Vince Young if and when he becomes a free agent. This gives Carolina the opportunity to get a serviceable caretaker QB if they don't feel Cam Newton is a week one starter, and could allow them to trade Jimmy Clausen without a major impact.


What do you think of these 5 scenarios? Are any of them plausible? Which fair options do you think are available for Steve Smith? 

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