Let's settle this "Favre to mentor Cam" rumor

There seems to be a lot of information (read: misinformation) regarding this rumor of former Vikings QB Brett Favre 'mentoring' #1 overall pick Cam Newton. This post aims to be a repository for the genesis of this rumor, and hopefully put this to rest until we get some real information.


- Where did it start?

This rumor originally surfaced a couple of months ago when the Panthers were considering Newton as the #1 overall pick. When Cam signed with agent Bus Cook the connection was inevitably made to Brett Favre and random message boards started the rumor that Favre would work with Newton. This initial rumor was quick to die.

More on this after the jump...

- When did it return?

It's not Buck's fault, but this really is a case of taking a ball and running with it. On Brenston Buckner's radio show in Charlotte he said the following (emphasis mine): "What better guy for Brett to coach than the No. 1 overall pick,'' said Buckner, a Charlotte, N.C. sports radio host for WFNZ-AM. "And what better guy for Cam Newton to learn from than a future Hall of Famer.

"Brett has seen everything and has a wealth of knowledge. If I'm Cam's agent, I get on the phone with Brett and say, 'I want you to tutor this guy,' Brett could help give him that sound base, so that when he does get in there, Cam's ready to roll."

This is little more than a radio host and former Carolina Panthers' player offering his opinion, but when this is coupled with Bus Cook's statement ESPN went all a-tizzy:

"Brett has offered to do that before with Cam, He would obviously be delighted to work with Cam. They've met and they've talked."

I don't know about you guys, but I've met and talked to a lot of people... but that doesn't mean I'm training them for anything.


- So, where do we file this one? 

I'd say we can firmly file this one under 'all smoke, no fire'. There is literally zero indication the Carolina Panthers have any intention or desire to have Cam Newton work with Brett Favre. Until the lockout is lifted Newton will be working with Fred Whitfield, and Cam already has a 'mentor' in Warren Moon. They will work with the QB until Mike Shula can begin coaching.

Ultimately, the media are desperate for NFL story-lines right now because there is absolutely nothing happening now. Since the draft ended and there is no free agency there are only so many 'Where will Kevin Kolb end up?' stories they can run, so outlets have resorted to taking op-ed pieces and turning them into stories. Could I be wrong? Absolutely, maybe the Panthers will surprise... but as it stands there is no credible information that there is any connection between Brett Favre and Cam Newton other than sharing and agent and meeting each other.

I'm with Darin Gantt on this one who said he would be(via Twitter):

"Would be stunned if they even considered it."

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