Carolina Panther Steve Smith PRIVATE AUTOGRAPH SIGNING!!!!

To take away a little "hype" from the draft, figured I'd just give those that care a heads up.

I'll be hosting a private autograph signing with Steve Smith this June here in Charlotte. All items signed will come with Steve's official hologram and certificate of authenticity. 

Here's another legitimate site I'm also running this signing through that specifically handles Sports Autographs/Signings, etc.  I'm also promoting this signing over at Carolina Huddle as well.

Private Mail In Signing with Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith

Flats: $45 (ANY size) 
Mini Helmets/Logo Footballs/Flags/Banners/Misc Items: $55
Jerseys/FS Helmets: $70

Inscriptions: $10
Triple Crown Inscription: $25 (includes ALL the stats associated with that award)

Any "Game Used" "Practice Used" Items: $100 (Steve will even authenticate your items if they are really "game used or practice used" by him)

Images Available: I will have select images available for this signing if you would like to purchase one. I will have 8x10s and 16x20s available. The 16x20s will be available for $13 each. I'm willing to include any 8x10s in your original flat price at no extra charge. 

Keep in mind, the images will be in limited quantities as I'm only going to order a set number. Once they are out, they are out. So if you want to reserve an image, please let me know in advance and I can go ahead and set up your item to get signed. I'll post up a few pictures of the images available in a few days when I get my digital camera hooked up.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Available: I have a select number of spare Sports Illustrateds available as well. These issues will NOT have any mailing address labels on them. However, they are not newstand issues so they will have the blank white box in the bottom corner of the cover. These look great and are very hard to find as these were only regional issues.

I can provide these Sports Illustrateds for $10 a piece (I originally said $8 but was misquoted by my original supplier--I apologize in advance for this). However, once again these are very limited quantity. So if you want one, go ahead and reserve yours today and I'll go ahead and set your item aside to get signed.

In regards to return shipping, I will be accepting either self-addressed stamped envelopes OR will be charging for return priority shipping with tracking/confirmation

I need ALL items by June 10th at the absolute latest.

If you're interested just shoot me an EMAIL to: and I'll give you the necessary information in regards to where to send your items, pricing, available items, etc. or just to answer any general questions.


Thank you.

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