Panthers Draft History Review: 1996 Gems

Continuing with our review and analysis of past Panther drafts for busts and gems, we continue to 1996 and look at the picks we might consider 'gems'. I'm not going to provide any specific definition for what I call a 'gem', that is up to you. It could be one of the top icks that became a Pro Bowler on a long time Panther. It could be a late round pick that became a quality starter or more. Again, you're call and opinion is what I want.

Below is our candidates so of these which would you call the biggest gem of this draft? I have a feeling this one is going to be easy!

2 (43) WR Muhsin Muhammad

'Moose' as we loved to call him played 11 of his 14 NFL seasons for the Panthers. He amassed 860 receptions for 11,438 yards and 62 TDs. I will forever remember him for his 80+ yard TD in the Panthers lone Super Bowl appearance in 2003. 

We've got two more options... after the jump...

1 (8) RB Tshimanga Biakabutuka  

Wiki: During his career in the NFL, Biakabutuka was often injured. He never played more than 12 games in a single season . For his career he played in 50 games over 6 seasons. Over that stretch he totalled 3319 yards from scrimmage and scored 17 touchdowns.[4] As a member of the Carolina Panthers, Biakabutuka became the first running back to record two touchdown runs of 60 or more yards in the same game.

The guy had great talent and speed but his career was shortened big time by injuries. Regardless he remains a popular guy, maybe just not for the right reasons.

4 (106) G Roberto Garrido

Garrido played for the Panthers for four seasons but strangely enough he is not listed on their All-Time player roster. I did find a little in the Wiki but not much. I want to say he was a quality starter for a while but I'm doubting that now. By the way, I have to put this up that I found by chance included in the link above:

In 1997, Garrido was rumored to have punched teammate and quarterback Kerry Collins in the face after Collins drunkenly used a racial epithet about Garrido's Hispanic descent, but this later turned out to be false.[1]

If only that had been true he'd get my vote right now!

I could throw another name out there but it would be moot when compared to these three above. Does anyone even remember CB Emmanuel McDaniel, RB Marquette Smith, FB Scott Greene, WR Donnell Baker or DL Kerry Hicks? If so you have a great memory. 

So place your votes and feel free to comment on your selection.

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