Cat Scratch Debates: "Steve Smith should be traded for a third round pick"

Big thanks to Aaron who submitted this picture via email. Great stuff... still laugh every time I see it.

In what I, and others think will better support the debate the comment section will be closed for the 1st and 2nd speakers. When the 3rd person goes I will then open the comments up and we can evaluate the entire debate from each side. This will best aid keeping the discussion purely to the points raised by each side, and not denigrating into everything being based on personal opinion.

Today we have GooseCreek speaking for the affirmative and Panther4Life speaking for the negative and you'll find their arguments...

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Hello, everyone. I am GooseCreek and I'm a proponent of trading Steve Smith for a third round draft pick. As a fervent fan of Smitty, it's hard transitioning to this position but this scenario is in the best interest of all concerned. Let me explain why I believe this action has merit.

First, Smith is getting long in the tooth in NFL years and is at the cusp of retirement. The Panthers are a team in transition. These two facts are not mutually beneficial. Smith has earned the right to play on a team with a legitimate chance at a championship. Trading Smith now and receiving a valuable draft pick will accelerate the Panther's transition. Delaying will only allow his trade value to continue depreciating as his on-field production wanes.

Following up the first point, we're all aware that the Panther's coaching staff has undergone a complete turn-over. The Panther's front office is insistent the prime directive of this staff will be developing the young talent on the roster. The time to develop a new #1 receiver is now. Smith has been the best player on the roster (and often the field) for several seasons but he won't be here to see the fruition of the new regimes efforts. I'd be less inclined to trade Smith were he a mentoring veteran type, but past experiences has not shown this to be one of his traits. He won't be here at the conclusion of the transition, he shouldn't be taking repetitions away from younger players who will be.

Finally, with a new staff comes the introduction of new playing systems. Getting positive results on the field will require a significant period of time. Smith is not noted for patience. I foresee the time when a fiercely contested confrontation arises between our new no nonsense head coach and our intensely competitive veteran player. Now is not the time for distractions sabotaging the team's concentration or chemistry.

In Conclusion, I am not heavy-hearted about this prospect but instead can see a successful future for both the Panthers and Steve Smith, just not together.



Hello fellow Panther fans, Panther4Life!!! here giving the first argument for the negative on trading Steve Smith for a third round draft pick.

The 2010 season was very frustrating season offensively and I imagine even tougher on Steve Smith and the rest of the receiving corps. Steve Smith was only able to muster 46 receptions and 554 yards receiving last season and that has many Panther fans saying that he may have lost a step or two. But I'd like to remind you all that, although Steve Smith had such a horrendous season by his own standards, the Quarterback play in 2010 was horrendous as well. And to really grasp how much the Quarterback play really let Smith down consider this-with horrible QB play in 2009 Steve Smith was still able to nab 65 balls and have almost 1,000 yards receiving. With the Quarterback position as shaky as it is, would trading our best play-maker be the best decision?

Many can also argue that we have behind Smith two very talented and promising receivers in Brandon Lafell and David Gettis. And although they both showed flashes of what they may become in the future, can we really say that Lafell and Gettis can be our full time number 1 and number 2 receivers? And even if we were to draft a promising receiver like A.J. Green or Julio Jones do we really want another receiver learning the play book and adjusting to the speed of the game once again putting us in the same situation last season? Given the progress of the lockout, it would be better to have someone like Smith on the roster who knows how to be a great reciever. Our receiving corps can work with each other, but a rookie needs the guidence of the coaching staff. For our quarterbacks to succeed we need play-makers at every position, and like Hurney has said in the past, why deplete a strong area and weaken it just to strengthen another? Why not have every position remain strong? Keeping Steve Smith will keep our recieving corps strong and allow us to draft other positions of need.


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