Pieterzen's Two Round Mock Draft

Our regular discussion about the draft has resulted in my case, to an obsession with mock drafts. For the last week or so, I have been working on my own mock draft. It has been fluid throughout the period and will continue to evolve but I would like to present the current status.

I find this exercise fascinating and yet for someone who has not watched a lot of games and mocked many a draftnik in the past, this exercise is humbling. In creating this mock draft, I have relied on my eyes to some extent. However, I have largely depended upon the breakdowns and comments of draftniks that have impressed me. I have also relied on my understanding (probably not good) of what various teams need and would like to do. I am quite stunned so many draftniks out there that are able to do this without having multiple conversations with the respective coaches and GMs on teams. As you can imagine, this is a very fluid mock and perhaps even more so because there are so many uncertainties even within the top ten.

There is a sense of hype around the NFL Draft because the majority of these prospects will promise a lot and never come close delivering what was expected in the NFL. On the flip side, there will be one or two unheralded prospects that make the transition to the NFL and sometimes became stars for their teams. For me it remains another opportunity to learn more about this great sport. My 2 round mock follows and I have included a brief explanation for each pick in the first round. Appreciate your comments.


1. Carolina Panthers        Cam Newton        QB
Gun to my head, if I had to choose one of the QBs at #1 overall, I would briefly consider having my brains blown out. After giving it some thought I would decide that I can live with a busted #1 pick...just pick a name out of a hat.

Marty Hurney can probably live with a busted #1 too. Law of averages suggests that he is due a miss on a 1st round pick. Given his record, it could be argued that he is entitled a shot at Cam Newton.

2. Denver Broncos        Marcell Dareus        DT
Broncos' division rivals need to upgrade their offensive line, particularly the interior. If Marcell Dareus goes to the Broncos that will become a greater priority.

3. Buffalo Bills            Von Miller        OLB
Bills need a lot of help on defense and not just in one area. Patrick Peterson will also get serious consideration here.
4. Cincinnati Bengals        A.J.Green        WR
Bengals maybe considering a QB in early in this draft. However, QB evaluations this year are all over the place and I anticipate most teams with a 2nd round pick  will choose to wait. Conversely, Green is way too good to pass on here.

5. Arizona Cardinals        Robert Quinn        OLB
Robert Quinn is a good bet to become a game changer at the next level. Cardinals will be confident he can fit in as a 3-4 OLB. The Cardinals could also consider a QB here but I imagine that Coach Whisenhunt would prefer to go after Kevin Kolb.
6. Cleveland Browns        Julio Jones        WR

Jones has great potential and would fit into the Browns scheme. DaQuan Bowers would also considered but the combination of medical concerns and some questions arsiing from his game tape could put him out of conention. Browns fans might like the idea of having both Peterson and Haden in the secondary but they would probably agree that the impact pick would be WR.

7. San Francisco 49ers        Patrick Peterson    CB

49ers are likely to have themselves a great pick here regardless what happens in the top 6. That said, this outcome would be the most exciting as far as 49ers are concerned.

8. Tennessee Titans        Nick Fairley        DT
QB would be a legit option here but Fairley has elite potential despite all the questions about his build/character.
9. Dallas Cowboys        J.J.Watt        DE
J.J.Watt or Cameron Jordan is likely to benefit from DaQuan Bowers' slide. Watt is an exceptional athlete with exceptional intangibles and fills one of the big needs for the Cowboys.

10. Washington Redskins    Prince Amukamara    CB
Amukamara is the best value at this position and would fit a great need. Redskins however may like one of the tackles or a QB ahead of Amukamara.

11. Houston Texans        DaQuan Bowers        DE
Given all their needs on defense, the Texans would have to pull the trigger on DaQuan Bowers if he is available here. Bowers could go as high as #2 to the Broncos if he checks out fine from a medical standpoint.

12. Minnesota Vikings        Blaine Gabbert        QB

New offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave will be able to use someone of Gabbert's skills effectively sooner rather than later.
13. Detroit Lions            Tyron Smith        OT
Tyron Smith is not a finished product but he could help combat the likes of Casey Matthews, Julius Peppers and Jared Allen in years to come.
14. St. Louis Rams        Corey Liuget        DT
If Julio Jones is not available here, the Rams are almost destined to go with Luiget.
15. Miami Dolphins        Mark Ingram        RB
The Dolphins have a lot of needs and don't have a 2nd round pick. Do they pass on an elite option like Ingram and take a shot at a Jake Locker or Christain Ponder? I would not be surprised either way.
16. Jacksonville Jaguars        Cameron Jordan        DE
Jaguards have maintained their desire to find a physically imposing end in the draft, presumably to play left defensive end. Cameron Jordan would be their best bet here.
17. New England Patriots    Gabe Carimi        OT
The Patriots would be happy to "reach" for Carimi who is likely to contribute early and eventually start in his rookie year.
18. San Diego Chargers        Aldon Smith        OLB

Chargers will be anxious to fill the void left by Shawn Merriman. Larry English has not worked and going after one of the top pass-rushers in the draft would be prudent.
19. New York Giants        Anthony Castonzo    OT

Castonzo is considered by some to be the best tackle prospect in this draft and he would mesh with the hard-nosed mentality of Tom Coughlin.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers    Adrian Clayborn        DE

Buccaneers need to get more pressure on the QB in order to compete against the likes of Drew Brees and Matt Ryan in the division.
21. Kansas City Chiefs        Phil Taylor        DT

Rare physical specimen that 3-4 teams will lust after. I can't see the Chiefs pass on him here.

22. Indianapolis Colts        Derek Sherrod        OT
Popular notion is that the Colts would go with a tackle and for the moment I agree. I think Sherrod is just as good a prospect as Carimi or Castonzo.
23. Philadelphia Eagles        Jimmy Smith        CB
Jimmy Smith would go much earlier in this draft if it were not for character issues that he is likely to carry into the NFL. Has the potential to slide out of the first round.
24. New Orleans Saints        Akeem Ayers        OLB
The Saints (not unlike the Buccaneers) need to combat the passing attacks led by Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman within the NFC South.
25. Seattle Seahawks        Mike Pouncey        OG/C
Seahawks could take legit shot at Ponder here. This mock draft assumes that interior OL gets addressed first.
26. Baltimore Ravens        Aaron Williams        CB
The Ravens need help at corner and Aaron Williams is the best opton here.

27. Atlanta Falcons        Ryan Kerrigan        DE
More pass-rush would be the story for the NFC South (Panthers excepted).
28. New England Patriots    Muhammad Wilkerson    DE
Another case of BPA meeting need.

29. Chicago Bears        Nate Solder        OT

The Bears have no choice but to upgrade at OL. Solder makes a lot of sense in the scheme that the Bears run.
30. New York Jets        Cam Heyward        DE

Jets will need to add to the defensive line. Heyward is good pick at the bottom of the round.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers        Danny Watkins        OG

Instant upgrade at guard. Watkins, an ex-firefighter, would fit in well with the Steelers.
32. Green Bay Packers        Justin Houston        OLB
Houston has the tools to become an effective pass-rusher in the NFL and Packers will like him at this spot.

1. New England Patriots        Jabaal Sheard        OLB
2. Buffalo Bills            Brandon Harris        CB
3. Cincinnati            Ryan Mallet        QB
4. Denver            Mikel Leshoure        RB
5. Cleveland            Stephen Paea        DT
6. Arizona            Ben Ijalana        OT
7. Tennessee            Christian Ponder    QB
8. Dallas            Ras-I Dowling        CB
9. Washington            Jake Locker        QB
10. Houston            Martez Wilson        OLB
11. Minnesota            Christian Ballard        DE
12. Detroit            Bruce Carter        OLB
13. San Francisco        Stefen Wisniewski    C
14. Denver (from Miami)        Rahim Moore        S
15. St. Louis            Torrey Smith        WR
16. Oakland            Marcus Cannon        OG
17. Jacksonville            Quan Sturdivant        MLB
18. San Diego            Jon Baldwin        WR
19. Tampa Bay            Davon House        CB
20. New York Giants        Marvin Austin        DT
21. Indianapolis            Drake Nevis        DT
22. Philadelphia            Jurrel Casey        DT           
23. Kansas City            Rodney Hudson        C
24. New Orleans        James Brewer        OT       
25. Seattle            Andy Dalton        QB
26. Baltimore            Brooks Reed        OLB
27. Atlanta            Lance Kendricks    TE
28. New England        Leonard Hankerson    WR
29. San Diego (from NY Jets)    Jarvis Jenkins        DE
30. Chicago            Titus Young        WR
31. Pittsburgh            Curtis Brown         CB
32. Green Bay            Ryan Williams        RB   

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