My Dream Draft Scenario

This is my ideal draft-day moves and picks. I am hinging this on the possibility of a trade-down with the Arizona Cardinals. The theory is trading the 1st pick for picks 5 and 38. I think that in this scenario both Newton and Gabbert will be off the board. I love the athleticism of PP7, but I still think that the best cover-corner in this draft is Prince Amukamara. He has the size, speed, and technique to be an instant starter. I think in 3 years he will be among the best CB's in the league. 

With the 38th pick I take Marvin Austin. I understand the concerns about character, but his skill and talent cannot be questioned. I also believe he would be an instant starter in Carolina and a major upgrade to our D-line. I have little doubt that had Austin played this past season, he would be as highly regarded as Dareus or Fairley. Getting that kind of talent, without having to reach too high for it, would be a value-savvy move. 

From this point on, I am drafting on hope. The players I would like to see us go after may not be around, but that's what makes it my "Dream Draft". With pick #65 I am going for QB Colin Kaepernick. I think he will have as much of a chance to succeed at the next level and has similar talents to Cam Newton. In my mind, reaching for potential at QB at this pick makes much more sense than reaching for one at the top of the draft. On to pick #97. I still want more bulk for the D-line and no one provides more than Kendrick Ellis. Having a 350lb. DT in the rotation helps in run-defense and allows us the versatility to play some 3-4 in certain packages. With pick #98 I want an offensive weapon. Hello Greg Little. I think he would help in a variety of ways. I can see us using him as a WR and as a TE in certain packages. I can see him being be a nice option returning punts and kick-offs as well. O-line needs some depth and I like C/OG Brandon Fusco at pick #132. Pick #166 is a changing of the guard, K Alex Henery. I love the potential of having one guy do all of our kicking and punting duties instead of having three doing it as we have in the past. I am looking for depth in the secondary and I like the potential of DeMarcus Van Dyke at pick #203. With our final pick, #246, I am looking for more O-line depth and the mammoth Jah Reid just happens to fall into our lap.


#5-Amukamara CB Nebraska

#38-Austin DT UNC

#65-Kaepernick QB Nevada

#97-Ellis DT Hampton

#98-Little WR UNC

#132-Fusco C/OG Slippery Rock

#166-Henery K Nebraska

#203-Van Dyke CB Miami

#246-Reid OT South Florida

These players would be an absolute dream haul in my opinion, addressing both need and BPA in most cases. Sorry about all of the UNC players, but talent is talent. This is my first FanPost so I hope it wasn't too annoying or confusing. Any and all input is welcomed!!!

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