How to participate in a debate!

This is the only man on Earth that does not need to provide proof of his argument. He is Einstein! He is automatically right.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are moving closer and closer to the date of April 28th when the Panthers have the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. With the #1 overall pick comes a fair degree of importance and prestige. People are going to be googling the Carolina Panthers far more than ever, as well as a numerous amount of other search words that will inevitably bring up this blog site, bring new readers to the site, and new chatters to our comment board.

This is not a bad thing. On the contrary, an intellectual discussion thrives on the addition of new arguments and ideas into the conversation. However, when new people come to a blog site like our own there needs to be an outline on how to properly debate in a rational way. Jaxon has taken a lot of time to make sure that there are a set of rules for the site to be governed by, and those rules are there to make sure that the site does not become a back-and-forth battle of shooting insults and accusations toward each other without any real discussion being had.

So in order to help you guys preserve the orderly conduct of debate required getting along with people on this blog, I will give you guys a quick course on how to debate with other people!

First off, what is the point of a debate? It is to come together against your debate opponent with a well-thought argument in order to try to persuade him and the 3rd parties to your point of view. Whether or not you think this is actually possible, this should be the goal of every debate and should say things to further your progress toward that goal.

What is a "Well thought-out argument?"

A well thought argument is when you present your point of view on a particular subject supported by facts, statistics, and examples demonstrating why your point of view is just and correct. You treat your debate partner as an equal man on equal footing with everyone else and you are in no way more intelligent or more ‘right' than anyone else until you prove it through the toils of legitimate debate.

Let us see some examples.

"I think Jake Delhomme had a good game today! He scored 3 touchdowns, no interceptions, and he threw for 324 yards with a 108.7 passer rating." -Mr. Homer

"I don't believe that we should pick Jacoby Ford in the draft! I believe that even though he has a high 40 speed of 4.28, he dropped 12 passes throughout his final college season. If you can't catch the ball, you can't have a good career." -Mr. Gamecock Fan

"I think that Greg Hardy is a gem waiting to happen. Despite being piled on the back of John Fox's depth chart, he still came out and made several blocked punts and a touchdown on defense in addition to having a tremendous pre-season with 4 sacks and countless QB pressures." -Super Macho Man

This is what you call examples of arguments. Recognize that even though they illustrate a specific point of view they also have facts that back up that particular view. Counter arguments are then made that look just like the argument given but addresses the points the original argument made and contests them in a polite, honest way as well as bringing up their own points and their own evidence to support those points. And remember, these are just examples! An argument can be as large and as small as you want them to be. As long as you have supports to hold up the weight of your words, it is a legitimate argument.

Now that we have seen an example of an argument, let's look at some examples of what is not an argument.

"I think that Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA and if you disagree with me you are a racist! That's word baby! For real!" -Internet Warrior

"Lol! Everything you said is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. I can't believe you think Drew Brees is the best QB in the NFL. Manning is the best you dummy!" -Guy with really big muscles that works out 128 hours a week and whose dad can beat your dad up.

"Fail. You and your words are complete fail." -Newcomer to the blog

These are examples of arguments that are not. Here at Cat Scratch Reader we have done pretty well to see that conversations are made in a civil, polite way these last few years. No matter what side you take, if you cannot make a argument and be polite about it then the hard, cold fist of the moderators will come down and actions will be taken upon you. It is not necessarily to punish people that are doing wrong. It is done moreso to protect the experiences of the people that have spent their time at CSR and have enjoyed the thoughtful community that has grown with time. And do not forget that each and every one of you agreed to these principles of fair and honest debate when you joined this blog as a member. As quoted from the CSR terms of conduct:

By posting on the blog, you are agreeing to refrain from excessive profanity, and hate speech against all members. Persons who post derogatory comments solely to incite anger will be considered ‘trolls' and will be banned,  with or without prior warning. Attempts to circumvent this code of conduct with language or tone intent on creating discord i.e. excessive sarcasm, mocking other members etc. will be considered akin to ‘trolling' and will result in a warning giving the poster an opportunity to address their tone prior to any permanent moderation.

-CSR Terms of Conduct

So please guys. I have given you guys a quick crash course on how to debate, but deep inside you guys know how to present a point. I believe you guys are smarter than that. Exercise your common sense and let's enjoy this community together alright? While we may be of different races, of different nationalities, and of different political backgrounds let us all join together in our love for the team known as the Carolina Panthers.

That is all.

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