One last case against Newton at #1.......................................

By now we've heard all the hero to zero arguments for and against Cam Newton for the Panthers.  As is no secret, I am totally against picking him and thought I'd lay out my case for the final time.  If we end up taking him,  I will support him as one of my Panthers, but I'm still hoping for sanity to win out.  Details after the jump.

Where to begin? 

First NFL QB's are franchise QB's with their arm.  It takes strength and accuracy against very smart and athletic defenses.  I think Cam's arm strength is fine, but his accuracy is not good enough for the NFL. He's certainly no Brady, Manning, Ryan, Brees, or even close. 

A lot is made of his feet and mobility.  In the NFL, unless you're Michael Freaking Vick, you are not going outrun NFL defenders and will get injured trying.  One reason he ran so well in college is he was bigger than many college DL.  That advantage will be neutralized by NFL size and talent. 

It is known that Cam stole and or took possession of a stolen computer that he threw out the window to cover it up.  He cheated on schoolwork at Florida.  He couldn't beat out Tebow at UF, and Tebow is not a franchise QB in the NFL either.  His Dad shopped him around for $180K to Miss. St.  And somehow we're supposed to believe he knew nothing about it, and then decided to go to Auburn for free.  If there were one incident, okay youthful indiscretion.  But in total, you've got a kid with questionable character who's going to get more money and fame and time than he's ever had and it's a huge chance to believe he will now be different.

He won't be ready to play this season.  New staff, short time frame and not the brightest bulb in the socket.  He may start, but I would not expect much positive until next year at best, if ever.

Now for the really dumb arguments.  "He'll reinvigorate the franchise and sell tickets".  What puts butts in seats is winning.  A few bad games and whatever short-term pop will be long gone.

"Our offense was terrible last year and we have to have a QB."  I agree our offense was terrible, but that doesn't mean we have to draft a very questionable QB, when we can get one in FA or a lower round QB like Ponder or Stanzi, and get a true blue chipper at #1.

So who do I like at #1?  I see 4 players that stand out above the rest.  Peterson, Dareus, Miller, and Green.  Though I wouldn't complain about any of the 4, I would be very happy with either PP7 or Dareus. 

Good luck to Marty, Ron, and the whole team tomorrow!

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