Panthers MTD Live Draft Results

MockingTheDraft had a live GM's mock draft about 10 days ago. The idea is that you make the pick that you expect your GM to make and I was the Panthers rep. I had meant to post the results earlier but it slipped my mind.

To channel the inner Hurney, I went in with the mindset that I will be looking at impact players at impact positions. However, I have to confess that some of these picks came off the list of players I was targetting at each pick that I sent to SetonHall (the guy who organized this). Power related issues in my area kept me from being there live for some of the picks.

I was still happy with our haul. Picks and explanations follow the jump.  You can also check the draft results by team or check the draft tracker.

Round 1 Pick 1        Marcell Dareus        DT
I told SetonHall to assume that this pick was going to Cam Newton. I changed my mind at the very last second (epic confusion when I did this) and went with Marcell Dareus as I just could not see Hurney roll the dice with a QB (although he is likely to do so on Thursday with either Newton or Gabbert).

Round 3 Pick 65    James Carpenter    OT 
 I am growing more convinced by James Carpenter's credentials. He can be solid starter for us inside and perhaps even be solid backup at RT when necessary.

Round 3 Pick 97     Johnny Patrick        CB*

While Patrick does have some character concerns, he seemed worth a shot here. Has the potential to be a starting corner. If we get him here on draft day, it would be good value.

Round 4 Pick 98    Drake Nevis        DT*
Drake Nevis is a smaller DT but he is very disruptive and grades out well based on his performance against high calibre competition in the SEC.

Round 5 Pick 132    Roy Helu        RB*
We will need more depth at RB if we lose D-Will. Roy Helu was highly productive throughout his 4 years at Nebraska. Intriguing guy who might be as versatile as D-Will was.

Round 6 Pick 166    Julius Thomas        TE
The former collegiate basketball star from Portland State, passed the eye test at Senior Bowl and Panthers scounts seemed to have liked what they saw.

Round 7 Pick 203    Kai Forbath        K

TMight be a luxury pick but I like the idea of having one guy on the roster who can handle field goals and kick-offs as well.

Round 7 Pick 244    Dwayne Harris        WR

Adds another guy who could gets some looks as a slot guy and as return specialist.

* These picks were made by SetonHall off my target list mentioned earlier.

UDFAs (first come first served - you just post a comment with the 4 guys you want)
Mark LeGree    S
Vidal Hazelton    WR
Vai Taua    RB
Korey Lindsey    CB

Your expert critique is appreciated as always. 

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