Why Carolina Picking Newton with their first pick

Drafting a QB is not only a bad idea but Newton is the absolute worst selection the Panthers can make. If we take Newton, this time next year we'll be looking at finding a QB again.

And here is why.

Several thoughts has been rattling around in my head the past few weeks and has been just simmering and last night it came together. These differing thoughts congealed into a coherent package that has helped me see the QB position in another light. And Newton just doesn't fit that pattern now and may never.

What is this great insight you ask? First let me throw out a few snippets of conversation and words that has been used the last few weeks to describe the league, the QB position, the NFC South and our QBs.

I think Hurney has expressed his opinion that the league has changed in the last 3-4 years with more passing and that we need "that guy" at QB in order to compete in the league and in our division. I think someone here brought this same information up in a post showing percent of passes going up from the low 50's to the upper 50's in that time frame.

So I went and looked in our division and Jax and SD at the number of pass attempts to total plays to see what teams in the South and Shula's and Chud's former teams did in that respect last year.

The average for the 5 teams was 53% pass to total plays. Excluding Carolina the average in our division is 56%. Shula's former team Jax was low at 46% passing. That may be Shula and co covering Garrands weakness as QB. NO's 62% maybe using Brees strengths and lack of RBs. Atlanta was smack on the nose at 53%. Carolina's average at 50/50 was low in the division,overall not bad, but if the league is trending towards a 55% pass to run ratio then we are on the wrong side.

Laying aside allegations,character concerns or anything else not football related there are 3 concerns I have about Newton's ability to transfer to an NFL QB. First is the spread option offense at Auburn. Second is we just have one year of film on him. For comparison look at Yates at UNC this year his stats compare favorably with anyone in the draft this year.Does anyone here think we ought to take him #1? One year is simply not enough for me to pull the trigger. And I have saved the best (or worst) for last. Last year at Auburn Newton's pass to run ratio was 29% pass to 71% run!

This to me is incoherency at its worst. As has been pointed out by several sources the league is trending towards more passing not less. So why would you draft a QB that has only passed 29% of the time in an offense that uses a skill set that doesn't translate well to the next level and to top it off only one year of film.

And lastly to those who say his atheltic ability enables to escape the pocket and pick up yards with his feet, I ask who do you take those 10-15 carries from? Stewart or Williams? Or do we skewer the pass/run ratio even farther?Personally I'd rather have my RBs running the ball.

So what say you? Is this a product of a deluded mind clouded by too many draft boards or a brilliant unified field theory or somewhere in the middle?

Seriously though I hope our 1st pick is Darius or PP if we can't trade down. If we can I'd still go defense and use that 2nd rd pick (together with our 3rd if needed) to take Mallet. Otherwise at the top of the 3rd if there a C/G combo available would be my choice. We have the G/T combo filled we really need a lineman that can play inside and sub for Khail if needed.And should Bruce Carter (UNC) be there with our 3rd rd comp pick I'd love it. This guy simply put is a football player and you can't have too many of those.

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