Cam Newton already drafted?!

Is Cam Newton already on the team? Wait, let me rephrase that; are the intangibles that make Cam Newton a potential #1 overall pick already available on the sidelines? To those whose heart skipped a beat and the others who sank, my apologizes. I am convinced that as a community we've overlooked a huge story while we beat this dead horse to a pulp. More after the jump...

The athleticism, and as one ESPN writer put it "extra pages in an offensive playbook" that Cam Newton brings to a team are what many teams are willing to risk a top pick or trade up to get. The Panthers are certainly willing to and yes, already have. Ladies and gentlemen, let me re-introduce you to Armanti Edwards. Jaws off the floor people while we compare the stats from each of their best college years:

                                        Armanti Edwards                                 Cam Newton

PassingYards:             2,902                                                         2,854

Rushing Yards:             941                                                           1,473

Passing TDs:                30                                                              30

Rushing TDs:                11                                                              20

INT's:                               9                                                                7

Five stats do not a pro football career predict. However, The similarities in the passing game in eaches best year are uncanny. Newton does have the edge in the running game with 500+ yards and 9 more TD's. Newton is also projected to be a Top 5 pick where Edwards fell to the third round. While we are on the subject of the draft, many of us want desperately back into that second round, we've racked our brains for scenarios where this could happen. That 33rd overall pick was spent on Armanti Edwards not one year ago. Marty Hurney and our FO saw something in Edwards that they thought was worthy of it. In my humble opinion it wasn't as simply another WR.

The "extra pages in an offensive playbook" were added when we gave up the 33rd and while it wasn't the #1 overall pick I ask you my fellow Panther fans, do we really give up the #1 and #33 overall picks this year for the same type prospect? Now let me ask one final question. Does Chudz have a better chance of unlocking that potential than Davidson? You and I know the answer to that and I trust that Hurney does as well.

Disclaimer: It is important to add that I do not see Armanti Edwards as our franchise or even starting QB. I do see him as having the potential to nullify the remaining factors that put Cam at the top of some draft boards.

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