SBN Mock Draft Update: 8 QBs Selected in First 45 Picks

Mocking the Draft just posted pick number 45 of the SBN bloggers mock draft. QB Colin Kaepernick was the eighth QB selected in this mock draft, going to the 49ers blogger at Niners Nation. This gives credence to the notion that though this year's QB class is full of flawed players teams still seem willing to be pay a premium for them. 

Here's the QBs drafted to date and their drafting team...after the jump...

#1 - Gabbert to Panthers

5 - Newton to Cardinals

16 - Ponder to the Jaguars

25 - Mallett to the Seahawks

34 - Locker to the Bills

35 - Dalton to the Bengals

43 - Stanzi to the Vikings

45 - Kaepernick to the 49ers

You could argue every single one of these QBs was over drafted. Why are teams seemingly willing to over spend on QBs in a draft they have no idea how much they are going to have to pay them? It's not something I would think our own Jerry Richardson would be comfortable with. But I bet he has no problem spending the money once a CBA is agreed. 


Pictured: QB Ricky Stanzi via

The biggest surprise after Ponder at #16 was seeing Ricky Stanzi at #43. There is no question the Vikings need a QB and this seems to be a desperation move at best. Does that indicate the Vikings might be a more likely trade down partner than previously thought?

So the list of teams needing a QB, besides the Panthers is: Bills, Bengals, Cardinals, 49ers, Vikings, Jaguars and Seahawks. Teams like the Vikings and Jaguars have to be thinking they have pretty deep teams already and simply need a player at QB to get them over the hump. They might be willing to give up their 2012 #1 pick since it should be in the 20s in addition to multiple 2011 picks. 

So if you didn't like my selection of Gabbert and think the Panthers should instead use the #65 selection on a QB you can see there is a real chance the top 8 selections could be off the board. Then what? You've still got Tyrod Taylor and TJ Yates on the board but you could wait until the 5th round for either of those. No need to over pay at this point. 

If the Panthers should somehow exit this draft without selecting a QB have some faith. That would most likely mean the Panthers have their eye on a FA QB and do not plan to get out bid. That's the only way I like the notion of not getting a QB somewhere in this draft. Though I think the trio of Matt Moore, Clausen and Tony Pike would be better than most think in the Chud offense I would still want a vet thrown in the mix to push them and probably start the first half of the season. 

So who agrees all of these QBs have been over drafted?

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