Panthers Draft Prospect Marvin Austin: Call Him The Anchorman!

                    Marvin "Anchorman" Austin


                                        This guy is fun, is a natural for the camera. I think in a good way, he has a up-tempo kind of swagger to him. That can be good for the morale of his teammates. Imagine him and Jon Beason together in the huddle ( it would be like Abbott and Costello lol "Who's on First?" ). Marvin Austin, once said

“Anchorman was derived from myself and a couple of my teammates and stuff, cause everyone knows that I want to go into broadcasting, sportscasting after football,” said Austin, “And I feel like I’m the anchor of the defense so I think it fits well.” After the jump we will attempt to see whatelse Anchorman Austin can provide for our team.

                       Since the release of Ma'ake Kemoeatu and Damione Lewis we haven't had a quality DT starter since those years. They were older, and I understand the bussiness. We did need to get younger and I believe we should have try'd to shore this problem up last year. However  we did not, so with recent studies showing there is a decent chance we will trade back to acquire more picks. I think we should pick up a DT with the extra pick. Being DT our next biggest need. My pick is this guy, Marvin Austin is 6-3 and 305 pounds. Huge upside and attacks the QB relentlessy. He could truly be a Anchor for our Defence in the middle.     Marvin Austin does have a few red flags. In a  interview in Orlando, Fla., that was part dodgeball, Austin refused to discuss agent-funded trips to Miami, any improper gifts he took or his relationships with former UNC assistant coach John Blake or agent Gary Wichard.

Austin did express genuine regret for his role in UNC’s first NCAA investigation since 1961.

“I messed up a great situation,” Austin said. “It was my fault.”

 That was last year, in recent discussions ' Writer Nolan Nawrocki, had this to say about Marvin Austin.

Interviewed very poorly at the Combine, very selfishly throwing his college under the bus and refusing to take responsibility for any of the wrong doings that led to his dismissal from the team. Has earned a reputation in the NFL scouting community as a "finger-pointing, excuse-making con artist" who does not know what it means to lead.

He continues that Austin “coasted way too much on his natural talent throughout college,” and “set back the UNC program by accepting improper gifts and was called ‘the ringleader’ that led to investigations affecting the eligibility of 13 player.”

 This is coming from a guy that holds no punches. He also had choice words about Cam Newton. Which our very own GM Mr. Marty Hurney defend Cam Newton having this to say'  

Panthers G.M. Marty Hurney says he knows exactly what PFW and Nawrocki are up to:

“(Nawrocki) did his job. He’s selling books.”

Hurney appeared on WFNZ the Fan in Charlotte Friday, and the first question he was asked pertained to Nawrocki’s criticisms of Newton.

“(Nawrocki) has never met Cam Newton,” Hurney said. “So who has (Nawrocki) talked to? He says he’s talking to decision makers. We have the No. 1 pick. He hasn’t talked to me.”

  So, DON'T believe all what Mr. Nawrocki has to said. He likes to stir the pot. Marvin Austin I believe understands what he did was wrong. I believe this is apart of his past. During his Pro-day he had this to say' 

"I hurt my teammates. I hurt a lot of people by those selfish acts," Austin said. "I made some irresponsible decisions." 

                          He also had good combine and Pro-day numbers. His 40-yrd dash time was 4.84. The highest rank DT Marcell Dareus 40-yrd dash was 4.93, Austin has him beat. Austin's 10-yrd dash was 1.64. Marcell's was 1.68, Anchorman has him. This I really like, Marvin Austin 225-lb reps 38, Marcell Dareus was 24. Austin's vertical 30 1/2, Dareus was 27. Marvin got him again, Marcell didn't attempt a broad jump, Marvin did and it was 9 foot 4 inchs ( good to swap them balls at the line of scrimmage). last, 3-cone Marvin posted 7.33 and Marcell was at 7.83. So, we can see my boy has got skills. If not for past obscenities Marvin Austin could very well be a top-10 pick. So, fellow Cat Scratch Readers tell me what you think about Marvin Austin. Remember, when commentting on my post. That the genius says'                                  

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