Why I'll miss Darin Gantt:

I'm not gonna go too much into philosophical crap, but right now I'm probably a very upset Shawn right now. Darin Gantt always churned out article after article, truth after truth. I'm highly irritated that they moved Darin off of the Carolina Panthers, so I decided to provide a nice contrast between the quality that is Darin Gantt's work and the crap that is the modern media. So here is part of an article from Brian Billick, former head coach of the Baltimore Ravens on the Panthers.

It is good/news bad news for the Carolina Panthers who have the first overall pick. The good news is that there is a wide variety of talented prospects at every position to choose from. The bad news is they need help with just about all of them.

The Panthers were the worst offense in the NFL last year and on defense, and will work to re-establish a new 3-4 defensive scheme with first-year coach Ron Rivera, who came over from the San Diego Chargers.

Offensively they have solidified the interior of the offensive line by putting the franchise tag on fifth-year center Ryan Kalil. They have long had one of the best one-two running back punches in the league but risk losing DeAngelo Williamsto free agency. Two big issues remain: What are they going to do at quarterback and whom will he throw to. Unfortunately, neither is likely to be addressed with the first overall pick.

The drafting of quarterback Jimmy Clausenwith the 48th pick in last year's draft was the first time the Panthers had selected a signal caller in the first three rounds this decade. Clausen’s play may give them pause this year, but it is likely they will address that issue via free agency, rather than the draft, even though the first pick in the second round may have some interesting names left on the board at that position.

They may also take a look at the tight ends in the second day of the draft with some good value likely still on the board in the third round. Tight end is a position that they have never really addressed in the draft, other than Mike Seidman in the third round in 2003, who never panned out.

Rivera has to rebuild a defense that will face Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman twice a year. In addition to the tough NFC South schedule, they also have to face the NFC North and AFC South in their out-of-division games which means more skilled passers in Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Jay Cutler as well. The Panthers likely will address their pass rush first after losing Julius Peppers to the Chicago Bears in free agency last year.

I mean...honestly? He thinks we run a 3-4 defense? That Jimmy Clausen's play will 'give us pause?' Is that supposed to mean that he played well, because that's the farthest from the truth that you can get. We have our tight end already, so all of his talk about taking a tight end in the second day of the draft is bunk, especially since we don't have a second round pick. And we're NOT going to take a QB, in spite of all the INT's that both QB's have thrown. Are you serious?

This is what we have to look forward to folks. It's all downhill from here on out. Bring on armageddon baby! I'm coming home grandpa! Heaven, receive my spirit!

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