Rick Gosselin's Top Ten; Discusses Panthers Draft on WBT

There was a fanshot a few of days ago announcing that Hurney would be holding a weekly chat on WBT with John Hancock. Unfortunately it did not get as much attention as deserved because Rick Gosselin of Dallas Morning News was also on the show. Rick Gosselin may not be as famous as Kiper or McShay but he has been doing these for much longer than either of them and he has been the most accurate as per The Huddle Report.

His comments on the show are worth noting and so is his top ten and risers/fallers posted recently on the website for The Dallas Morning News. What follows is a rehashing of the comments he made on WBT.

Excerpts from the radio show:

- Says it’s a "pretty good board". Says that a "big name GM" told him many years ago "No such thing as a bad draft – only bad drafters". Thinks the Panthers are going to get pretty good players at the top of each round.

- Defensive heavy first round. As many as 12 defensive linemen could go in the first round. Thinks that Marty is probably looking at Marcell Dareus and Nick Fairly. Considers both guys who can come in and be dominant inside players. Believes that Suh’s performance has had a big impact on their draft stock. Likes Dareus a little better because of his size although it could be a bit of a toss-up. More after the jump...


- Felt that Christian Ponder and Ryan Mallet improved their stock at the combine. Awed by Julio Jones running 4.39 with a stress fracture and thinks it would have improved his draft stock.

- Considers defensive line and wide receiver as 2 of the deepest positions in the draft. Raves about the speed in the draft particularly at cornerback. Patrick Peterson solidified himself as a top 5 or even a top 3 pick with his performance. Prince Amukamara should be a top ten pick. Thinks there 12 blue-chip players at the top of the draft.

- John Hancock says Robert Quinn has been suggested as a possible #1 pick. Rick feels that’s a little high for Quinn but he feels that both Quinn and Marvin Austin are first round draft picks. Thinks Bowers is the top DE and considers him the best pass rusher in the draft. Thinks that if Quinn and Austin had played last year and performed like they did the year before that, they would be in contention at the top of the draft. Thinks that UNC could have been a National Championship team if they did not lose all those players to suspensions.

- Cam Newton did not throw well at the Combine but does not put a lot of stock in that. Will look much better at his pro-day. Thinks he is the most interesting prospect in the draft: he could go 1,3, 5,10 anywhere in the top ten. Whoever is going to draft him will have to implement some spread elements in their offense. Thinks most people have him going to Buffalo because of Chan Gailey.

- Says that the NCAA did not find any character issues with Cam Newton but NFL teams are going to look a little bit deeper. Thinks that the teams that felt he struggled in interviews were probably looking for reasons not to draft him and those that felt that he did well were probably looking for reasons to draft him.

- When asked who the Panthers pick at #1, Rick pauses and Hurney cuts in to say that "we’ve got 2 months, right Rick?". Rick says, "Yeah, we’ve got two months to figure it out" but he quickly moves on to say that he would be posting his top ten on Sunday for the paper. He proceeds to say that his top 2 guys are Patrick Peterson and A.J.Green. He then says that they are followed by the defensive tackles (Dareus and Fairley). Thinks that if Marty takes any of those 4 he has had a great pick.

- Rick claims that he does not watch any film. He talks to several people from every team in the league and assembles a "consensus league board".


His Top Ten is as follows:

1. Patrick Patterson
2. A.J.Green
3. Marcell Dareus
4. Nick Fairley
5. Von Miller
6. Da'Quan Bowers
7. Cam Newton
8. Prince Amukamara
9. Mark Ingram
10. Nate Solder

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