Ex-Panther McClover Spills the Beans on the Money Handshake

As first discussed by James on CSR radio earlier tonight...These are very sensational accusations by the former 7th round pick of the Panthers:

Ex-Panther says he took money to play at Auburn - Reeder's Take - Gaston Gazette
Host Andrea Kremer’s voiceover: "McClover said it wasn’t until he attended an all-star camp at Louisiana State University that he realized how the game is played. A game of money and influence."

Stanley McClover: "Somebody came to me, I don’t even know this person and he was like, ‘we would love for you to come to LSU and he gave me a handshake and it had five hundred dollars in there. … that’s called a money handshake … I grabbed it and I’m like, ‘wow,’ hell I thought ten dollars was a lot of money back then. Five hundred dollars for doing nothing but what I was blessed to do. I was happy.

Is this really Panther news? Loosely at best...but I can't get past seeing this 18 yr old HS kid walking around an all star camp looking for someone to shake his hand! That's what I would be doing!

"Hello Sir, nice to meet you. ABC University? Sure love the school. I plan to take a looooong look at ABC [shake, shake]" Okay who's next! ..."Sex? yes please!" 

So were these guys on a university campus or the bunny ranch? Then he gets a duffel bag of money? So is this bunk or what? Let's discuss ...after the jump...

I have no idea how valid his claims are. I must say on first blush they seem too stereotypical. The money handshake, a bunny ranch line up and bags of cash? I'd want to know how much he got paid to run this piece before I run with it too far. He just might be trying to recreate the money handshake all over again...TMZ style. We never do get any idea what his motive is for disclosing this info at this particular time.

But it already sucks for Auburn. They again have to defend their athletic program at a time they should be celebrating. 

I remember McClover being a very vocal guy during TC, he liked to do the barking thing after big hits. He seemed to have prototypical size but the Panthers gave up after two seasons. Hard to say what exactly happened. 

So what say ye Panther fans? Are we still lovin McClovin or is he ruining a good thing for future NCAA prospects? ;)

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