Building the Panthers my way

So I was looking at our roster and some of the players available through the draft, trades and free agency.  There are a ton of possibilities.  I was one of the guys to say JR was cheap and the reason we were so horrible last year.  This season he has the chance to prove me wrong, as well as many other critics who dogged him.  I will avoid putting Peyton Manning on the roster, but think about what I write, and see if you agree, or tell me what you would do differently.

The first thing I would do is re-sign D-Will, TD, Kalil, and CJ.  Those are no brainers IMO.  Then I would look at what trade options and free agents are available.  I would add Amobi Okoye, Kris Jenkins and Tommie Harris to the roster.  With the guys we already have on the roster, one of those three would probably get cut, but you get the picture.  I wouldn't draft any DL this year.  I think all the DTs I like are not worthy of #1, but will be gone by 65.  I also think we have enough DEs with some real upside and skills.  I would then go out and get Mike Sims-Walker

I'm looking at a defense that has Brown/Hardy on one side, Jenkins in the middle, and CJ on the other side when we're in a 3-4 with Anderson, Beason, Connor and TD on the field at the same time.  Then when we switch to the 4-3, Okoye and Harris come in, Connor and Jenkins come out. 

Then on offense, I have D-Will, Goodson and Stewart, plus Shockey, Smitty and Sims-Walker.  LaFell and Gettis would be back-ups.  In 3 receiver sets, Smitty plays the slot.  Edwards would have to learn to return kicks (and should be practicing right now), or he would be gone. 

The only issue left, then, is QB.  If I had my way with the free agents, I'd probably trade for McNabb, draft Peterson and another QB in the 3rd round.  There seems to be a lot of you who like Kaepernick, and it's hard to argue with picking him in the 3rd.  I wouldn't mind picking the best available OL or LB in the 3rd, though, and seeing what QBs are available in the 4th.

I would love to have Cam Newton, but with McNabb on the roster, we have a serviceable starter for the near term, and we are more likely gonna be able to get a QB in next year's draft who throws as well as Newton than a DB as talented as Peterson.  If I can't get McNabb, I draft Newton.  I like Kolb and Palmer better than McNabb, but I think the asking price would be too high.  I'd keep McNabb, Moore and Pike on the roster.  I'd be okay with Hasslebeck over McNabb, too.   

I think that if the Panthers follow my decision making here, we'll still be a QB shy of a superbowl run, but the rest of the team will be solid...Gross, Kalil, Otah, D-Will, Stew, Sims-Walker, Smitty, Shockey, CJ, Okoye, Beason, TD, Anderson, Gamble, Peterson and Godfrey. 

What do you think?

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