I still want to talk about Smitty...

Recently I read a few comments that pissed me off, to the point I couldn't control my anger any more!  The recent influx of (so called) fans turning on OUR team, and OUR best player (ever) is starting to hit a all time high and a major nerve with me. I love the Cat Scratch Community, for almost two years I have turned to the community for the insight, humor, heart felt opinions and the overall love for the Panthers.  I think it is good for everyone to express their opinions.  However, with this being said if you’re going to make comments then you should be able and ready to back up your statements. I recently read a couple of fan posts that said, “Steve Smith should be traded, he's old, and he doesn't have it anymore and of course my favorite from Monday... “With his attitude, if he was anyone else he would've been off the team a long time ago." (sliver82blade. So Let’s Talk about Smitty #1) I'm not arguing this fact, but what I do have a problem with is all these (so called) fans turning their back on the players who got us to where we are, and jumping on a band wagon (Jimmy Pickles) that isn't even old enough or done enough to warrant such a DRASTIC change in opinion (shift in power) on some of our best players.  Of all the people you could chose to back you picked Pickles? Not Gettis, or Lafell or even Armanti but Pickles!  So this has inspired my 1st official Post!  In the words of D.L Hugley; "Normally I don't do this, but keep the party going!" 

Um... I'm so shocked I don't even know how to respond.  Lets start with the fact that you just don't let your BEST WR EVER walk away while he still has tread left on the tires.  Second with two bad years in a row he is still the pound for pound one of the best receiver in the game, numbers or not.  You just don't find competitors like that everyday, and that type of competitive spirit is not only necessary but it is also a requirement for someone of his size, when considering the size of corner backs now a day. 

Steve is a Panther to the core, he is the face of a franchise because he represents most of the things we stand for and want to be, passionate, intense, fiery, highly competitive with a sprinkle of old school. He's a small guy who makes big plays on big name players; we are a small market team that is strong and fearless enough to compete with the big boys.  His attitude seems to mesh well with JR, both seem quiet away from the field, and extremely explosive while in competition (JR competes in the boardroom or @ the negotiating table), and both of their competitive spirits seem to inspire their peers.  Now we know Jerry isn't that violent (the jury is still out on that one, I have yet to see his game tape but I get the feeling he was no slouch) but no one can argue with the results two teammates punched in the face, two trips to the playoffs (02 super bowl, 08 NFC Championships). 

I am the type of guy that is driven by results, not methods and Steve saw some things he had a problem with (Game Prep, and effort in preseason workouts) and said something, when the "NOT TEAM LEADERS" decided they were going to pop off at the mouth, they got popped in the mouth!  Now I'm not condoning this behavior but I love the results he brought.  He was man enough to do what had to be done, while still being man enough not to make excuses, own up to his actions and move on.  I might be looking at this with the wrong set of glasses, but both years we came in with a lot of questions about production and a consistency, and overall talent.  Both times our team got closer and better as a unit!  Every leader leads differently, some are vocal some are physical, and some are both!

As far as your argument about the number drops he had this season, how bad were his number drops? He had 7 drops on the year with 47 receptions, granted they were ALL at the worst possible times in ball games (mainly on 3rd down) but that is not entirely on him. I can't speak for anyone else, but when I look at a player with a history like Steve’s and I look at the tremendous drop off in production I naturally look at Jake I mean Pickles, I mean the QB.  And while we are on the topic of your little Golden Domer lets just say he was put in a very bad situation, but situation or not he is getting paid the millions that Gettis and “Captain Munnerlyn are not getting.  When we pay you millions we expect you to... you know, earn your pay check; especially when everyone else’s production is a result of YOUR performance.  But I digress.

I also think that Smitty WILL NOT ONLY be an asset, but THE reason we make it to the next level.  If you want to trade him because he wants to leave I feel you, he deserves a ring.   But to do him so dirty as to run him out of town is not only crazy wrong but just plain stupid, can you imagine the numbers he is going to put up on his first trip BACK to Bank of America Stadium?  (11 catches for 130 yds, 2 TDs, and 1 corner/linebacker with a set of broken ankles!)


With that being said I was never a Jimmy fan but, I don't want to start a Pickle bashing party.  I DO NOT want this to turn into another dreaded Newton vs. Gabbert vs. Moore vs. Pickles vs. Ponder etc.   If you’re going to comment please tell me how my first post went and give me suggestions and critique it hard! If you are one of the crazies that want Smitty gone tell me what you expect to get in return and who you would send him to?

Go Panthers!

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