Panthers Mock #3

Heavily weighted to BPA, but not totally ignoring need.  I've added a 2nd choice for each pick, as there is always a chance certain players shoot up the board earlier than pre-draft projections.  I'm becoming more and more convinced we shouldn't reach for a QB in this draft as the class is just not that good.  Better to get an NFL contributor at another position...............................

1st  Primary  Peterson-CB-LSU        Secondary   Miller-OLB-Texas A&M  

2 Best BPA's  Wonderlic not so relevant for cover corner in my mind, but if it's a concern, Miller would add to make our LB group one of the best if TD comes back, or is insurance if he doesn't.

3rd Primary  Jarvis Jenkins-DT-Clemson    Lawrence Guy-DT-Arizona State

Either one would be an upgrade at DT for us.

3rd (Comp)  Primary  Ricki Stanzi-QB-Iowa   Secondary  Marcus Gilbert-OT-Florida

Stanzi may be gone here, but a good get if he's here.  Gilbert is a solid OT who could play guard if Otah comes back strong

4th  Primary Marcus Gilbert-OT-Florida  Secondary Jalil Brown-CB-Colorado

See above on Gilbert, Brown is a underrated cover corner.

5th  Primary  Virgil Green-TE-Nevada Secondary  John Moffitt-OG-Wisconsin

Green is moving up boards right now and could be the Rivera TE of the future.  Moffit can play either guard and backup at center as well.

6th  Primary  Terrell McClain-DT-USF  Secondary Julius Thomas-TE-Portland State

McClain is great value here at DT.  Thomas is a big TE who can be developed.

7th  Primary Andrew Jackson-OG-Fresno St.  Secondary-Tori Gurley-WR-South Carolina

Jackson is a typical Fresno OL (a la Logan Mankins).  Tough with a mean streak.   Gurly is worth a shot here.  Good hands and decent size.

In summary, if we get the primaries, we have upgraded our defense with 2 DT's and a cover corner.  Peterson should contribute right away vs. a rookie QB (tried that last year).  We improve our offense by picking up a future TE and 2 OL backups.  If we get Stanzi, great.  If not, then we get Bulger or Volek, or trade for Palmer or Kolb.  All better in my opinion than the QB's in this draft.  

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