1st Annual Beer Draft Selection (no pun intended)

Sitting here on a Friday, my mind can't help but to wonder towards the eminent question of the night:  what will be my beer of choice tonight?  I like to try a new beer every now and then, but I also have my staples that I always come back to.  With the NFL draft coming up, and our constant talk about Cam, and Gabbert, and PP7, I would like to offer another choice:  if you had the number one pick, which beer would you choose?  After the jump, I will show you how I like to think about some of my favorites.


The left tackle of beers.  It's heavy, it's fattening, it's just what you want to protect you from a long, boring night.  There's nothing flashy about this beer, but it's always there to do the dirty work that no one else wants to touch.

Bud Light

The QB of beers.  The most popular pick of all beers.  Everyone always scream for the franchise QB, just like everyone will yell, "Bud Light!" when the waitress asks for your order.  Other beers may have more flavor, or a better look, but when push comes to shove, this is the beer that gets chosen more often than not.


The wide receiver of beers.  Flashy, arrogant, over-the-top.  This beer (if you can call this a beer) screams for attention, just a the number one WR yells for the ball.  While many will quickly overlook this beer, the person who doesn't will quickly realize the immediate effect it has. 

Sam Adams Triple Bock

The DT of beers.  The big man on campus.  And when I say big man, I mean THE big man.  This beer will knock you on your butt quicker than you can say "chug!"  Coming in at a whopping 17.5% ABV, this beer can take on any double team you throw at it.

Natural Light

The kicker of beers.  Who in their right mind would take a kicker in the 1st round, right?!? The natty light man would!  Yes, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of beers that taste better than this one.  However, none will be as productive when the price tag is taken into consideration.  This beer will average the most time in your refrigerator, however, when friends come over, will be the quickest to be shoved to the back.  Oh, the life of a kicker!

Before any comments come in, yes, I chose all American beers for a reason.  Football is America's sport, and I only felt it fitting to choose American beers.  Also, I understand not everyone drinks Anheuser Busch products.  I for one can not stand Butt Light, sorry Bud Light!  However, for this post, these beers worked the best for my thought process.

Last, I wanted to give a shout out to Panther4Life and bwsmith25 for their comments on another fan post.  They were the ones that effectively distracted me from work enough to write this post!  Everyone, who would you pick with the first overall pick?

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