Drafting a wife.

Yea I know, we have just about talked the draft into the ground around here lately, but what else is there to discuss. No free agent talks yet and no player signings to argue about. And I certainly don't feel like talking about the labor dispute. I have been going back and forth almost daily about who we should draft with the number one pick. With each fan post and argument I swing in that direction. After every pro day and mock draft I decide for good ( at least for good that day) that this is the player we should draft. So I've been thinking lately that drafting a number one pick is a lot like choosing a wife. It's a big commitment and you are going to be tied to that person for a long time. Any mistake could be disastrous. So I decided to compare the Panthers top choices to choosing a future bride. 

Cam Newton

Newton is that very hot girl that seems really down to earth, and has great potential to be that special someone you decide to spend the rest of your life with. You go out on a few dates, you have a lot in common, you have a really fun time with her. She is the type of woman you could see yourself with forever. You may even move too fast and move in with her after a few months. Everything is great, never been better. Then there are some warning signs. She starts to get way too jealous over small things. She texts you a little too much. She has a quick temper about insignificant things. She has told you some stories about things in her past that she isn't proud of, and you dismiss them at first. Everyone make mistakes, right? Still, you can't shake this nagging feeling that something just isn't right. But, she is SO hot, and the sex is great, and you feel like a stud when you walk into a bar with her and all the guys turn their heads to look.  And yet, in the back of your mind you feel like something isn't quite right. Is it just your own insecurities? Are you just trying to hard to look for things that are wrong? 


Patrick Peterson/ A.J. Green

Peterson and Green are the good looking girl with a great personality that your mother would love. She is charming with your friends, your grandfather laughs at her jokes, she helps Mom with the dishes. Everything about her tells you that this woman would make a great wife. You know what you are getting with this woman. Solid, stable, and good looking. Sex isn't great, but it's fine. She cleans up nice when you go out, but not necessarily a head turner. She would be the perfect date at your office Christmas party. She can carry on a good conversation with your boss. She is a "safe" pick.  There is nothing really wrong with this woman.  You know you wouldn't be unhappy with this woman long term.  But is she the ONE?

Nick Fairley/ Marcell Dareus

These guys are the woman that you have a lot in common with at the moment but may not be your long term match. They are like that girl in college or high school that was your good friend you ended up sleeping with and started dating. They are fun for the moment and have a lot of qualities you want, but you are just not sure that you will like her enough to be with her long term. There is nothing really wrong with her. She is nice, she isn't ugly, she likes to do all the same things you do.( In college that means drinking and partying) She fits you at the moment and is really cool, but you wonder if maybe there isn't something better out there. Will you still like her and have enough in common with her ten years from now? She is the girl you end up dumping for the really hot chick with a smoking body. Later you may look back and regret breaking up with her because the hot chick was crazy.

Blaine Gabbert

Gabbert is the mystery woman that catches your attention from across the room. Your eyes meet for a moment and there seems to be some kind of spark. You talk with her a bit and she is very interesting and like no woman you have ever really dated before. She intrigues you. She introduces you to yoga, old jazz on vinyl, and Kirt Vonnegut novels. You like her because she knows things you don't. You could see yourself being with her for a long time. Is she really all that she makes herself out to be? Is she really this cool or is this just some kind of self contrived illusion. Is she just playing the part of the mysterious woman. Is she really this interesting, or just trying too hard to be interesting?

Da' Quan Bowers

Bowers is the blind date one of your co-workers sets you up with. Dresses nice, good looking, good conversationalist. You decide to go out on another date because you find her attractive and smart. You like her. You go out on a few more dates and have a decent time. She is o.k. to hang out with, sex is good, and you get along well enough with her. Still, you don't really think about her when you are away from her. During the week you know you should call her but never really get around to it.  You feel like doing something Friday night and you don't have anyone else to do anything with so you give her a call. You are bored Saturday night but don't feel like seeing her again. Nice enough girl, but not really your type. She will make someone else happy though.


There are no guarantees in love or drafts. Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and take a leap of faith.

In Rivera I Trust.

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