Final look at FA's and Draft, for me anyway.. Leave feedback!

All right, I've kind of been evaluating a lot of websites and mocks and also looking at our team and our depth/needs and this is what I have come up with for my final draft.

Free Agents (I saw on where the Free Agency period could start at midnight tonight which led me to make this post)

DT - Tommie Harris or Brandon Mebane (Whichever comes the cheapest, probably Harris)

QB - Billy Volek or Chad Pennington, any one of these two would be good option to give Clausen more time to learn.

Draft (before I start, I am a HUUGE Cammy Newton fan, but there's something about him that scares me, don't know what it is, but there's something there that doesn't feel right.)

1st Round

                                                                          - Patrick Peterson - LSU - CB/KR/PR -- The best talent in the draft, no-brainer in my opinion with so many question marks surrounding the QB's.He's faster than most receivers in the league and a big cornerback who can matchup one-on-one and he's not afraid to make a tackle and play the run, cough cough Chris Gamble..  Would also be our return man to give us some sort of threat we haven't had since Michael Bates way back when..  And yes Pat Pete is that good that we would have to put him back there for punts and kick-offs, I don't care if he is our first overall pick.

3rd Round

(Two Picks, one supplemental)                     - Jarvis Jenkins - Clemson - DT -- Huge guy at 6'4 and 310 lbs.  Could be an immediate starter for us, has the ability to absorb blockers to help free up Everett, Charles, Greg, and Norwood.

                                                             either -- Orlando Franklin - OG - Miami(FL) -- 6'6 316 lbs.. or

                                                                                     - John Moffit - OG - Wisconsin -- 6'4 315 lbs..  Both guys are biig guys and would be excellent eventual starters, I'm not buying Geoff Schwartz being a "silent/secret superstar" and I love Duke Robinson but I miffed at his work ethic and his inability to get on the field.  Either way way one of these two guys I think could and would be eventual starters, if nothing else provide great depth for our line, which we lack.

4th Round

                                                                            Cameron Jordan - TE - USC --  6'5 254 lbs..  Another former basketball player turned tight end.. I see this as a perfect opportunity to copycat what the New Orleans Saints did last year when drafting Jimmy Graham and letting Jeremy Shockey groom him to the NFL game.  Also loved this video of him, kid is extremely athletic..;_ylt=AsNcRa5CZzHueMeHewv8Wcg5nYcB?urn=nfl-wp93   Don't know if this hyperlink will work or not, but if not just copy n paste it, worth watching..

5th Round

                                                                          either -- Greg Little - WR - UNC or Jeff Mahl - WR - Oregon, I like both these guys to be their late and worth taking a late round flyer on..


6th Round

                                                                                         Alex Henry - K - Nebraska.. Need an eventual heir to John Kasay's throne

7th Round

                                                                                     Eddie Jones - DE - Texas..  Not much on this guy, other than he's 6'3 and 260 lbs. 


Well.. I feel like in this Mock Free Agency/Draft I filled every need for the time-being, and I know I know I didn't give us a permanent QB solution but that can either come next year, or hell, maybe Jimmy will work out.  Volek/Pennington could be the answer to get us past this year, people forget we don't need to throw it 50 times a game to win, all we need is someone that complete the occasional play action/3rd down throws that will help keep opposing defenses from sitting on our potent run-game.  But with this we have a veteran DT and a big rookie DT to absorb blocks and disrupt the middle.  Got us a athletic cover corner that will shut down the entire side of the field.  A future tight end to keep for 10 years, added a possible starter at OG, and also got the best kicker in the draft to eventually replace Kasay. 

Please, I'd love feedback, I love to conversate back-n-forth about this, so please feel free to say whatever you like. (this is our fan blog, not the NBA--Dictator Stern)

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