Revshawn rants on the lockout today.

Today is the last day that the NFLPA and the NFL meet with each other for negotiations. They have 3 choices: To make a deal, to extend the negotiations, or to end it and wage a fiscal, legal, and information war with each other.

Both sides have their own differences, but the major dividing point is money. Owners want an additional 1 billion dollars from the previous CBA and the players are all like "Nao way! >:l" The NFL is represented by the 32 owners and the NFL staff, including their Executive Roger Goodell who has no background in playing in the NFL. The players are represented by themselves, former players, and a lawyer in DeMaurice Smith who has no background in playing in the NFL.

I got a question for you guys. Who represents us at that negotiating table? Who represents the average fan that goes to work and watches the game on his Sunday off?  Who represents the young entrepreneur with the Sports Bar whose best business is when the NFL is playing? Who represents the various businesses which sell sports equipment, uniforms, football padding, and game equipment? Who represents the common-sense man that understands that sports and politics need to be individual, separate things?

We have no representation at the negotiating table, and that's the biggest problem of all! We are their consumers: The one who pays their paychecks. Without us, there would be no NFL. Yet they do not seek our opinion. Money is what separates the two sides and to hell what we think! They call us the best fans in the world until the two sides start arguing about who gets our money. Then suddenly it's all about them. It's all about who is right and who is wrong. The players are being tortured by the owners! The owners are trying to make the players their slaves. Information war all around us! Rawr! Rawr! Rawr!

You want to know what we think owners? You want to know what we think players? You suck! That's right! You suck! That's what we think. You're willing to put who gets our money above playing the football we love in the first place.  You don't really care about us! You just want our money! It sickens me, it's disgusting, and it makes me want to puke. How dare you try to play us for fools! How dare you try to get us to choose a side. WE ARE YOUR EMPLOYERS! We don't care about your petty disputes! Shut up and play football like we pay you to do! Freaking girlymen.

I am Revshawn, the greatest Clemson fan on Earth. And I happily say: Screw you! That's what we would say if we were there at that meeting.

Screw you.

And shame on you NFL and NFLPA on both sides! For putting greedy men in charge who have never played a down of NFL Football in their lives. That's about as derp as this entire situation in the first place. Positions like that should be reserved for educated men that served in the trenches! People who spent decades of their lives playing and coaching in the NFL. For putting incompetent, hardheaded men like this in charge who stroke their own egos instead of working on a deal. You should be ashamed!


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