Chronicling our CSR and Panthers Traditions

You might recall a post we did last July in which we went through this exercise of chronicling our traditions but I never summarized the results completely. The post at the time was partially in response to the defection of a certain popular Panther who left for a team 'with more tradition'. So I initiated the post that will now be an annual tradition unto itself, reviewing and updating our traditions.

So here's the

Let's start with a few obvious CSR traditions:

  • I'm going to post in the sidebar the annual winner of our Fantasy Football and Pick the Draft champions
  • Though we didn't create it I think the 'Do Not Want' Dog is a tradition for conveying disagreement with the pursuit of a particular player
  • Along the lines of the DNW Dog, we do have sole ownership of the Green Pickle Guy in his Underwear James loves to use. I'm sure he will pop in a picture shortly. We should go ahead and give him a formal name if he doesn't have one...more traditions after the jump...
  • We use '+1' to convey agreement with another persons comment on a post. We do not use 'this'. Also, we don't play the 'first' game; if you don't know what that is then don't ask....that's just the way we like it.
  • Catman_mediumI want to start a training camp tradition of meeting under 'One Tree Hill...err Tree' as I call it before a TC session. Its the lone tree on the hill closest to the player entry and exit where you get autographs.
  • We should also establish a tail-gating spot before home games somehow but that is a work-in-progress. 
  • Official CSR endorsed Super Fan has got to be The Cat Man.
  • We have to include our regular themed posts: The Monday Morning Optimist & the new Tweet of the Week
  • Cat Scratch Radio is becoming a very fun tradition in my view and includes the most awesome radio show intro ever made! Hat tip to Southtunnel for the intro!
  • "It is what it is" is our way of saying "I don't have anything else to say about that"
  • We think the Patriots got off light for obvious cheating and that there should have been more investigation into potential defensive signal stealing in the 2003 Super Bowl. Okay, maybe that is actually more just me but just saying...
  • Let's talk Panther traditions:

    • A new one has to be WR Steve Smith setting the NFL's Rules and Regulations and our list of them
    • Double Trouble is getting one going with The Matrix TD dance
    • The Panthers slang nickname if you will is the 'Cardiac Cats' due to their propensity for exciting finishes
    • The Panther Growl sound after each first down is a good one
    • Panthers owner Jerry Richardson has always insisted that instead of putting the team logo in the center of the field he puts the NFL logo as a show of emphasis on the league versus the team
    • We will never forget this one: Moooooooooooooose! after WR Musin Muhammad made a good play. Or a more recent version: Hooooooov! whenever FB Brad Hoover would get the ball.
    • Who can forget Rod Smart and his He Hate Me from his XFL LV Outlaws days? That probably doesn't qualify but it was funny at the time
    • On the field there is Moose's record 85 yd TD in the 2003 Super Bowl
    • There is also Ricky Manning Jr's INT and Smitty's subsequent X-Clown OT TD over the Rams that is one for the ages
    • There's always the fact the Panthers made the playoffs in only their second season of existence
    • The Panthers Hall of Honor is reserved for only the absolute best and neither on the field stats nor seniority guarantee anything. To date there is only one player inductee LB Sam Mills.
    • From Panther4Life: Which leads us to the next one, Family Togetherness:

    Our team has always had that tradition. \The team always seems to gel together so well and are always there to support each other. They play hard side by side as brothers and it’s because of the Big Cat that we had these values instilled in this franchise. I think that’s one awesome tradition.

    • From Sniff: One of my favorite Panther traditions, since 2006 anyway, is watching RB DeAngelo Williams jump as high as he can during pregame announcements

    So what have we left off either list? Please put any suggestions in the comment thread and I will make the results into a permanent page linked in the sidebar

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