Diehard Panther Fan Graces Another SI Swimsuit Edition - Update

via www.dailystab.com

I don't know about you but SI model Brooklyn Decker has easily become my all time favorite SI model upon her revelation of being a diehard Panther fan...and I have oogled quite a few SU models in my 4+ decades on the gridiron of life. My love was cemented when she sported some in depth knowledge of not only football, but the Panthers and current events such as the coaching change.

So Brooklyn worked the beaches for SI for the 6th time and I think you will agree she is on her game. Not bad considering many SI models have the longevity of a RB in the NFL. So of course I'm going to post more pictures of Brooklyn from the SI spread but I must warn you. I'm doing something never done on CSR with this post.

I posted this piece with 'Comments Closed' and here's why:

Comments are now open! (Experiment: Fail!)

I know you guys! The comment thread will look like most threads with hot chicks in bikinis and the thread will end up in the gutter in a hurry. I don't want to do that to Brooklyn in this post, she's a Panther fan like you and me, she has a brain and an opinion. She's also married I might add so I'm always cautious about talking about other dudes wives, even ones I don't know personally (remember that 4+ decade thing I mentioned).But she does model for a living so it's obvious okay to look /stare/mumble "yeeeoooowww!".

Besides, I'm hoping she will join CSR and contribute as a loyal Panther fan and I would hate to blow that out of the water by being like most other sites if they posted her pictures. ....That's my thought process anyway, right or wrong.

Yes, I am courting Brooklyn Decker for CSR, right here, right now. Talk to me Brooklyn!

Okay...so no comments for this post, but you can weigh in on my poll! You might want to make the jump before making your selection...

I had intended to put a few pictures from the SI spread on here but SI must have some hellacious security on their site because it crashes my browser every time I try to copy a picture from it. If someone knows how to get those specific photos let me know. 

So I had to make due with some of these 'older' ones (they work for me):


via www.popgeezer.com

From the movie Just Go With It:


via www.beyondhollywood.com

I've never known a chick that looked so hot with her arms crossed:


via bollymastian.com

Can't leave out the body paint photo shoot from last year:


via body-paint.blogtattoodesigns.com

What would you pay for this table dance? Don't answer that, you don't have enough $!


via iblackedout.com

She's not just a pretty face:


via www4.images.coolspotters.com

Here's Brooklyn with her #1 fan...;)


via www.celebgossip.com

Last one...for some reason I really like this one:


via ramascreen.com

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