Free Agency Wish List...Fantasy...Likely...Panther Additions

Its the off season and there's really never enough to read or speculate about the Panthers, so I'd like to get your opinions on possible free agent additions to our team in a game of Fantasy and Likely.  Its a easy concept, who is your fantasy addition of this years free agents (2011), and who is the more likely realistic addition?  This discussion will focus on Defensive Tackle. 


As everyone knows, our defensive line (specifically DT) looked at times like something out of a horror movie and at other times like the movie trailer for Iron Man where he shoots the rocket at the tank and it blows up!  As bad as we looked at times, there were still solid stand outs on our line...providing small glimpses of the potential that is to be.

Our current roster (taking into account everyone from last season, since no one has official been cut yet) includes:

N. Hayden, E. Johnson, C. Irvin, D. Landri and Andre Neblett

Some of these guys will be here next year, some will not.  Who would you like to see the Panthers pick up in free agency?  Who is  your fantasy pick-up, or the person who's already signed a deal or been franchised, and who are you more likely picks?  Defend yourself but let's have fun!

Some notable free agent DT:

Paul Soliai, Aubrayo Franklin, Barry Coefield, Brandon Mebane, Pat Williams, Mike Patterson, Marcus Stroud, Shaun Rogers, Ron Edwards, and John Henderson.

Fantasy Pick-up:  Haloti Ngata

Although he's a 3-4 NT....its HALOTI NGATA...just getting to say his name every time he makes a tackle would be worth the pick-up.  With that said...I'm done!

Likely Pick-up:  Marcus Stroud

I know right...why Marcus Stroud when you could pick any free agent DT?  Because I like Stroud, and he's a monster on Madden!  Nah all jokes aside, Stroud has been very productive at DT throughout his career and now he's at the point where he'd be a better mentor than a every down tackle.  I'm with the youth movement and the rebuilding that Carolina is trying to do, and I believe Stroud would command just the right amount of money to have Carolina interested.  Regardless of who  we select in the draft, our entire team is young and having the right veteran in the mix with our coaching staff will only help out our development. 

Lets go Panther fans...who are your fantasy and likely pick-ups?

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