My Big Three: Off-Season Part 1

Panther Nation,

     This is the old pantherspride, I had to start a new account because of some email problems, but now I am known as PughDaddy73 and I tend to write a lot more on here.

     So in my first post I am going to start with what I think the Panthers biggest off-season re-signing tasks will be.  To be honest I am a little worried about who we are going to resign. I will only go into details about what I think the Panthers should/will do with "our big three."

DeAngelo Williams- I want him resigned, do I think he will be?  No.  But I am still holding off some hope that he will be, I honestly think he would take a smaller salary for the Panthers, just how small?  I hope we can open up the checkbook for a guy who has played out a contract, and been great in the locker room.  My second option is to tag and trade with the highest bidder.  I know we could at least get a 2nd round pick out of them (maybe a 1st) and that could help us in other areas.  With Stewart and Goodson I think we can afford to let him go for help in other areas like our offensive line, but D-Will is always welcomed in Carolina!

Ryan Kalil- We need him resigned, no tag!  We don't want to tag Khalil because then he gets a bigger check than if we just resign him.  Centers are not payed nearly as well as other linemen, so to get an elite center back without spending huge money would be great, especially considering we don't even have a decent backup for him.

Charles Johnson- I think we will tag him from the rumors, which is okay with me.  Last year was a breakout year for him, and maybe we don't want to give him a big deal yet.  Maybe we want to see if he can carry last year's momentum into this year.  He deserves a big paycheck from last year's performance, so we can give him this year as one of the top payed linemen, but I want to see it out of him for more than just a year.  If he has another 10+ sack year, lock him up long term.  Don't get me wrong, I love Charles Johnson!  He is my type of player, a guy drafted in the mid rounds who when got the chance...he broke out!  I just want to see another year like that before we give him big dollars.

This is all if this CBA gets straightened out, and I am just presuming it will be.

Let me know your thoughts, and what you think we should do in the resigning/tagging phase.

-J. Pugh-

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