In the 2011 MTD Live Draft, With the 1st Overall Pick, the Carolina Panthers Select...

Tell me.  Who do the Carolina Panthers select 1st overall?  Whoa.... now wait a minute before you post something.  Please hear me out, because I DO NOT want and will ignore any gut reaction.  What I really want is a thorough, analytical, and well thought out and reasoned answer from you.  More below the jump!



Here's the deal:

Mocking the Draft is having a Live Draft this weekend, starting Saturday.  Being that I am absolutely fascinated with all things NFL Draft, I have signed up as the Carolina Panthers Draft Representative.  So, come Saturday, I will be making the decision of who the Panthers will select with the 1st overall pick. 

This responsibility, while minute and meaningless (because after all it is a meaningless live mock draft), has really compelled me to think long and hard about the draft and who the Panthers SHOULD select.  I hope it will do the same for you, and provoke you to really think so that we can have a really good discussion.  Also, I really hope to hear everyone's thoughts, and make a decision that is well reasoned, representative of the Panther faithful, and after all best for our team.

Imagine for a second that you are Marty Hurney, put yourself in his shoes.  Come Saturday, you will be pulling the trigger on the 1st overall pick.  The weight is all on your shoulders.  Dismiss emotion and preconceived notions for a minute and clear your mind.  (Too often busts are often the chosen out of emotion and preconceived notions, a la Al Davis.)  Think about the top 5-8 prospects, and who really is the BEST choice for the Panthers at this position, #1 overall.  All things and prospects considered, who should the Panthers REALISTICALLY choose with the 1st overall pick? (Trades are not viable in this MTD Live Draft scenario by the way)  This is for real (well, not really, but for pretend's sake hah).

Now, with your well thought out reasoning listed numerically (reason 1, 2, 3...), please tell me who you would choose #1 overall.  After hearing your thoughts, I will tell you who I personally think should be the choice after agonizing over it the past week.  Because I don't want to influence anyone's decision prematurely, I will try to withhold my thoughts until most have posted.


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