CSR Post-Super Bowl Musings

I was recently wondering what the Super Bowl winning SB Nation blog was doing this week in light of their victory. I can only imagine it having never tasted such sweet victory. So I went over the Acme Packing Company to see what lead blogger Brandon put up after their championship. I found his first paragraph in his first post after the win to sound similar to what I think I would be feeling if when the Panthers win the Super Bowl:

Lots of people picked the Packers to make the Super Bowl in the preseason.  Those hopes faded as the year wore on, where the injuries mounted and the winnable games were left unfinished.  After finishing 10-6 and earning a 6th seed, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Chicago Bears, all on the road.  Each win was more surprising than the last, leaving us all with the feeling of "Wait...is this really happening?"

I would be afraid of jinxing the Panthers to think for a second we could win it all from the #6 seed. Oh the pure elation. So now APC gets to post cool posts like Packers Pick Last in the First Round.. How many times have we tongue in cheek said we would be picking last in future drafts?

Here's some more of my wonderous musings:

  • I wonder if RT Jeff Oath is a fit in order new offensive system that I assume requires more pass protection. Otah was drafted for his run blocking but was still a work in progress in pass protection. Losing a year to injury certainly hasn't helped his development. Being a 1st round pick I'm sure he will get his chance but I can't help but wonder if won;t struggle
  • TE Gary Barnidge should be encouraged with the new offensive coaching staff. He's a TE for an OC who values 3-down TEs. You would assume he get a better chance to show what he can do versus his past staff. Seems I recall two preseasons ago Barnidge really shined in preseason but then the season rolled around he got buried on the bench again.
  • ESPN should hire Brooklyn Decker to do some guest sideline reporting...well at least for the Panthers anyway since she's "a diehard Carolina Panther fan". She has football knowledge and is well spoken. She's already done TV and has a role in a movie. I'm being serious...the Panthers have few celebrity fans and could use a high profile, recognizable figure like her. Just to show how serious I am I didn't put any abligatory Decker pictures up of her in a skimpy bikini!


via dirtyrottensports.com

But skimpy negligee is a different story!

  • I think the biggest hurdle to the Panthers trading the #1 pick is Denver. They don't need a QB and so would most likely choose between Fairley and Bowers if the Panthers trade the pick for a team that wants Newton. If the Panthers truly love Fairley or Bowers over the other then they shouldn't risk losing their man to Denver. I think its Denver in the catbirds seat. They could trade back a couple spots and still get their man.
  • I have a hard time believing six teams have QB Cam Newton at the top of their draft board. I could believe 1 to 3 teams, but not six. Smoke screen!
  • In what has been a very slow offseason I find it surprising that so many teams are talking with former Cleveland DT Shaun Rogers. I mean, if its a show of poor union solidarity for CB Antonio Cromartie to be clamoring for a deal to get done soon it can't help the Owners cause when teams rush to court a recently released free agent. Are they prepping for a lock out or not?
  • Something tells me OG Duke Robinson will be on a short leash this training camp and preseason. New OL coach John Matsko, a 20 year coaching veteran has certainly seen it all. I think he will be able to size Robinson up quickly and give the Panthers a decision on whether this guy has it or its time to cut bait. When I say 'it' I mean between the ears because they guy has the physical tools to be a mauler at RG.
  • I don't think Panthers WR Steve Smith is going anywhere this offseason. Now a mid-season or deadline trade I would not rule out though.
  • I thought we would hear about teams using the franchise tag today...maybe its still to come. RB DeAngelo Williams is my pick for the Panthers tag...if they use it

TGIF Panther fans!

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