Crazy solution in case of a lockout

Alright, let's say there's a lockout. The owners and the NFLPA are at odds and not communicating... the deadline has passed, and the fans are beginning to riot because there's no football.

Well, not really riot. Just mad at the millionaires club butting head with the billionaires club.


I've got a half-baked solution. (It's only half-baked because they're so much better and full of FAIL that it's more entertaining than a fully thought out solution.).


Ok. Say the owners all meet and come to the decision that the NFLPA is led by someone that isn't the best negotiatior... sure, he's a good trial lawyer (I don't know, just guessing) but he doesn't understand the "player's viewpoint" well enough to be effective.

Let's say that the owners refuse to deal with the NFLPA until their chief negotiator is replaced. The NFLPA refuses because the player representatives see him as a stonewall making their point and standing firm against the tide of billionaire desires.

Now let's say that the owners tell the NFLPA, "fine. Accept our offer or else..."

And the NFLPA thumbs their nose at the owners.

So, the owners tell the NFLPA  "We're done with you. You're fired." <--- See what I did there? (Apprentice reference) There's an impasse... BUT, it's not over. The owners then say, "players, get back to work or else..."

The players say "bite me. My NFLPA speaks for me!"

The owners say, "fine. You're fired."

And that's what they do... release all 1,800+ players from their contracts effectively dissolving the NFLPA.

Are there going to be lawsuits? Without a doubt.

Will there be football? Of course. The owners will go out and hire a bunch of scrubs, has beens, never wases, and almost coulda shoulda wouldas... and the CFL players. Without the NFLPA...

And, when 1,800 former NFL players are ready to string up their union reps because they're out of money, the owners come back and say... "Now, about that deal we were talking about... we've reconsidered some things. You'll be taking a pay cut... there'll be wage scales... no free agency..."

And football goes back to what it was before the lockout and free agency. And, because there are wage scales for all player positions, and none of them are making multiple millions of dollars, the prices of watching football goes down so the average fan can enjoy the game and bring their families... and a LOT more fans join as well because it's cheaper.

And the football players aren't driving in MB's, BMW's, Porsches, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, because they can't afford them on their salaries (which are like normal fans now instead of insane amounts)... they all drive upscale Hyundais and Toyotas with leather interiors.


Told you it was half-baked.

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