Bye-Bye Chud?

What do rumors, cigarettes, and discussing Denver qbs have in common? They are often a waste of breath, are hard to quite, and will leave you blue in the face eventually.
A rumor or a better said a question was posed to Ron Rivera during a presser recently. The question was simple, and one that Norv Turner has had to answer more than a few times in the years past of him. To paraphrase, what do you think of losing you coordinator to a head coaching position next year. The amply named BAMF put his foot down striking the questioner dead in his seat with thunder rolling in the heavens. Well not so much he glossed over the question entirely give a standard…I want what’s best for him…We are focused on the now… response.
However the treacherous seed was planted for me. I could not ignore the trend in the NFL of hiring the coordinators of successful teams in hopes of some of the mojo rubbing off in a new start. It has been seen every year. The Patriots have lost many Disciples of Bill because of this, few have turned out to last a season or more else were, but that is beside the point. Hungry owners want something cheap, and hardly used rather than, rather than plucking at other teams leftovers or plucking TV Personalities from the booth by offer a King’s ransom, M’Ms and complete control of team decisions.
Names of old coaches will come up when the SB is over Cower, Gruden, Dungy, perhaps even Parcells (He is worst than Farve and certain stds) will be among the names discussed. But many more Coordinators than the playoff teams will be on that list… our own maestro Rob Chudzinski will be among them.
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Ron Rivera was a name that had been floating around every year for the last several. It had become almost a ritual for him. This may be the beginning a yearly ritual of rumors of Chud leavening. I hope so as that would mean were are successful, but the bane of it is that inevitably a good coaching mind will get snapped up.
Success breed leeches plan and simple. Fox took the Panthers to a Super Bowl. The next year we were without Jack Del Rio, a great coordinator who, like Norv Turner and Dom Capers, needs to stay as one. The Panthers suffered because of it, we kept a strong d but the slow decline had started.
We have been the leech more times than not. Capers, Fox, and Rivera all were successful D-coordinators of playoff quality teams. Two of those coaches have taken us to the playoffs, and quickly. That was is draw of getting a young fresh name that can give a spark to a organiztion by asserting a new philosophy for a starving team.
This is exactly what has happened to us, granted our D is rank, and ranked low, but Rivera is fixing that. More importantly he brought along a clever overseer for the O-side, drafted a physical freak of the likes of Julius ‘Brutus’ Peppers with an strong arm and sharper mind, gave him tools and toys to use and “BAMF” instant points.
What a minute, the Panthers are 4-8 and The Chudnator is a risky choice in his first year…. Not so much and we know it. Chud is a proven OC having taken the Browns horrid offence to one of the best while making Derek Anderson appear really good, not to mention his success as Mami Hurricane OC, and TE coach (Shocky Winslow in Mami, Gates in SD.) Gm’s and Owners have seen what he can do with tall immobile pocket passers, and now what he can do with a QB that can move more than a foot to left and right. For offensives starved teams, whose coaches need to preparation-H in order to set, Chud appears more like a prime cut with every yard the Cam train gets. ( Eww hemriods and steak great visual.)

Remember when James Dator called the Olsen trade before it happen because it made sense to him, and with his magic power and clever use of the force “BAMF,” we have a Bear. To me Chud leaving is scary because it makes similar sense with the turmoil in the NFL. Though as a padwan I am not allowed to use the force to stop it.
It frightens more though because of what it could possible me for us. It had been shown how detrimental it is for rookie QB to go through an offensive coordinators early in their career. Joey Harrington, Alex Smith, Travarus Jackson, Jason Campbell , Brady Quinn, Matt Lienhart and so on. Worse yet when a Coordinator leaves he tries an take who can with him. Could Mike Shula be snapped up with the tide or promoted who knows, and that is as scary as Chud leaving to me.
I doubt very much should the rumor become reality that we would scrap the system that has been built here entirely but there would be changes. Change can be a bad thing with familiarity is needed for growth. It is not like Chud’s system is solely unique I know, as many teams of ran similar successful systems. That is good and bad in that it adds to possibility that Chud could leave while showing that what had been built here will not need to be scraped.
Also Cam and his team has shown they are more than capable of picking an new offecence. Cam has the mind and dedication required to be a great player and gall to try and inspire others to follow him or move out of the way. I doubt he would allow something as small as learning a new playbook to derail his dreams. So in that if we say Bye-bye Chud this coming off season we still have the makings of Collard Greens.

What do rumors, cigarettes, and discussing Denver Qbs have in common? Eventually you want to stop, and you can until you or they die out.

So lets hear it, are you afraid of losing Chud. What are the ramifications to Cam if he and others (Namely Shula) do leave, and how many puns, metaphors, sayings, and grammar laws, have I screwed up atop the pinnacle

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