You Make the Call: Predicting This Week's Game vs. the Saints!

First off, Kudos to all who picked a blowout win last Saturday. I got the pick right, just didn't realize how lameducked the Bucs had become. I'm happy with my 10-5 record on the year as it was a tough year to get a handle on just what this team was made of.

I do want to say this: irregardless of the outcome vs. the Saints, the Panthers season is officially a success. We won 4 more games than last year. We finished the season strong with some wins showing reason to be hopeful for a playoff run next year. If we can keep Chud, and trust Coach Rivera to work his magic on the defensive side of the ball, the sky is the limit for SuperCam and the Carolina Panthers of 2012.

This Sunday's game vs. the Saints is an interesting one. I for one am glad to hear Coach Payton say they are "all in" to try to win the game. Really, if we were to get a win over their backups, what would it prove? Nothing at all. I hope our guys are psyched for this game and view it as our Super Bowl for the 2011-2012 season, and play a great game.

The game is interesting to me because of the Saints' position in the NFC. I'm really interested to see what happens if the Niners go up 20-0 at halftime, their game being played at the same time as ours. Does Coach Payton really leave Drew Brees in the game in the second half, risking an injury? And, will the Saints really be up for this game, knowing the 49ers will very likely take care of business in St. Louis, thus being locked into the #3 seed in the conference? I'm not sure. But like I said before, I hope the Saints play their starters, and play well. I want to see how we measure up to their best effort on Sunday.

I believe our offense will play well. Our speed guys will excel on the fast track in the SuperDome. The Saints offense, well, it will play even better. Lately this "pick the best team" method has been working for me, so I'm going to stick with that this week. Heck, the Saints might be the best team in the league at this point. Whether or not they can prove that later this month in the two Bays remains to be seen. But yeah, I'm picking the Saints.

Saints 35 Panthers 24

That's how I see it! How about you Panthers fans? You make the call,

Let's hear it!!

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