You Make the Call: Predicting this week's game vs. the Bucs!

Well, I'm on a two game winning streak; not that picking us to lose in Detroit and win in Indy elevates me to Jimmy the Greek status or anything. But I'm 7-4 on the year, and that makes me happy. Too bad our boys don't have the same record : )

This week's game in Tampa is one of the most difficult of the year for me to predict. I didn't have a good feel for the Cardinals game, or the Titans game. This week is tough.

The Bucs are playing poorly. Their QB has confessed his throwing hand thumb has a shooting pain in it. Their run defense is getting gouged. They are a team on the skids.

The Panthers are encouraged by finally reemerging in the win column last week. We have all hoped this team would improve as the year progressed, and now would be a great time to begin that progression.

If this game were in Charlotte I might pick the Panthers to get the W. But it's not. Not that Raymond James provides much of a home field advantage. But still. It's not a home game.

Here's why I'm not picking the Panthers this week. They are yet to win a game that they weren't supposed to. I knew the Redskins were a fluke; the Jaguars are bad; the Colts are worse. Every other game, even the ones in which we have played well, we have fallen short. The QB's we've beaten, Beck Gabbert and Painter sound more like a law firm than NFL quarterbacks. The old "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" fits here. If the Panthers expect me to pick them to win a game that they are not favored in, then first they have to do it. Once.

Lego Blount should have over 150 yards against our anemic run defense. Look for Freeman to play well enough to snap the Bucs' 5 game win streak. Look for two turnovers from Cam against an aggressive Bucs pass defense. We will run for some yards, but have to pass more than we want to, to play catch up. Tampa will be hungrier to win this game than we are; they really need a win in a month after October. Us? Well.....we got ours.

As of now I plan on picking the Panthers to avenge this game on Christmas eve; but first, I have to make the call:

Bucs 27 Panthers 23

Hope I'm wrong!!!

That’s how I see it. What about you Panthers fans? How do you see this Sunday’s game? You make the call,

Let’s hear it!

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