Offseason Do's and Dont's

Over the course of the season many things have changed, including perspective on our needs and ways of over coming them. Many moves are discussed ranging from drafts to free agency to trades. I'm just going to lay out some of my opinions on things we should and shouldnt do.


-Draft a DT

This one is likely to catch attention. I don't think we should take a DT in the draft and I don't think Hurney and Rivera would do it. We already double tipped last year and have are loaded with young guys who have shown flashes. These guys need time to improve and have a full offseason to develop. Also Edwards is returning next year so I don't see the position as weak as I did at the beginning of the season

-Draft a non-Kalil OL

Even with Kalil I would still feel some discomfort (He is just the type of player you don't pass on). I think Otah will be back and healthy next year. It is my belief that Rivera put him on IR to heal. Otah was healthy enough to play, but just not 100%, Rivers placed him on IR because it was already a lost season and he wanted to make sure Otah would be ready for next year. The left side of our line is very strong and RG will be fine with competition between Bell, Schwartz, and Hangartner.

-Draft a non-Blackmon WR

Same situation will Kalil. I don't think we need a WR. Our offense is already explosive. Steve Smith is still elite, LaFell is showing some #2 potential, and Gettis (who was the front runner for the #2 spot going in) will be back.

-Sign a WR

Basic thoughts explained above, this just with the added note that we don't have the cap space to spend on a luxury like a big name FA WR

-Draft a non-Brown LB

Our LB core does have questions. Anderson is playing great and should be around for a long time. I have confidence that Beason will be back and healthy (at least 90%). TD is a question mark. I think he will be back, but at maybe 80% of who he use to be, plus we can't depend on him as a full starter. Our back up LBs are pretty good and provide good depth. I don't see Senn as a starter but he is more than capable of being a serviceable replacement. Most of the others have either flashed or shown consistency as quality depth. Brown is a player with a similar mold to TD. He is aggressive, extremely athletic, and a good pass rusher. I love the versatility that he has. I could see him being the next Derrick Brooks. He would be great in coverage because of his speed (4.3-4.4) and size (6'2 230), this would make him ideal for covering good TEs and even being able to cover some WRs. He make a lot of tackles and finds the ball carrier down hill. On top of all of that he also has good pass rushing skills, which is something our LBs lack

-Draft a non-Claiborne/Kirkpatrick CB

I love the depth we have at CB. Munnerlyn, Butler, and Hogan are all GREAT nickle/Dime CBs and are good. special teamers. Gamble is obviously showing elite shutdown skills but we don't have a good #2 behind him. Claieborne and Kirkpatrick are both big physical CBs that can cover and are very well rounded. Taking a later CB is a waste IMO. We have a plethora "decent" CBs, but we need someone a tier higher (also preferably someone taller than 5'10)

-Add a Safety (draft or key FA)

I understand the urge to add a safety. Martin has been very disappointing this season. He still looks like the rookie he was a few years ago. He shows great flashes but has next to zero consistency. I expected this to get better and chalked it up to him being a young player but he is now in his 3rd year and has no more excuses. However I don't see a worthy replacement. Any safety available in FA would either not be an improvement or would cost too much to be able to bring in. As for the draft, no one is good enough this year. We might add a safety for depth since Pugh is the only back up that we have had, but I don't see us finding a long term solution this year. Hopefully Martin is still just working out the kinks or his adjusting to Rivera's system, but he should be at least serviceable for the time being.


-Draft a Punter

I have supported Baker for years but it's time to move on. He has been terrible this year and our special teams are in dire need of improvement all over. I wouldn't feel comfortable getting someone in a FA (not worth the money) and we could save a lot by cutting Bakers salary and getting a rookie for league minimum. This years draft has several good punters and I would be happy to take one in the 5th or 6th.

-Resign Shockey

He has given us everything that we wanted from him. He is a safety outlet for Cam, He can be an offensive play maker, he provides good blocking upfront for the running game, and he is a leader on & off of the field. He seems very interested and is having fun with out team. He wouldn't be expensive to bring back and we should try to hold on to him.

-Draft/Sign a Kicker

do I need to explain? Mare has been terrible. The only reason we got him was so that he could do kick offs and we would only have 1 kicker on the roster, yet due to his poor performance we had to sign another kicker. Unfortunately our FO was dumb enough to give a 38 year old kicker a bunch of guaranteed money so we would have to eat some of his contract, but a change is necessary. I don't care how we do it, but we need a replacement badly.

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